obama plans to visit malaysia in october

New York, August 14  – On Wednesday, it has been revealed by the organizers that to deliver the keynote address to an international entrepreneurship forum, US President Barack Obama is going to visit Malaysia in October. The trip is yet

to talk about housing, obama heads to phoenix

New York, August 06 – On Tuesday, President Obama will heading to Phoenix as the real estate market of the nation has been on a winning streak. The president is scheduled to make a major speech on homeownership. He has

new deal on corporate taxes, jobs offered by obama

New York, August 01  – Contentious issue of tax policy to the fore in budget negotiations has been elevated by a White House proposal to pair a corporate tax overhaul with new domestic spending. It appeared that it has given

amid voter id uproar, obama heads south

New York, July 31  – President Obama made a rare foray into the South to discuss his proposal to lower corporate tax rates in exchange for a one-time tax penalty to fund increased domestic spending. Obama is making his pitch

Iran’s Election of Moderate Seems Hopeful Sign, Says Obama

New York, June 18  – On Monday, it has been revealed that President Obama feels that Iran’s election of a moderate as its next president is a sign that Iranians want to move in a different direction, but he was

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