51 Year Old Long Jumper Mike Powell Announces Attempt At Another World Record

February 20 07:00 2015

Mike Powell, current Long Jump World record holder announces that he will jump again and attempt the World Masters record. He will be the ONLY athlete in ANY event EVER to hold the current World and World Masters record simultaneously.
Olympian and Long Jump World record holder, Mike Powell, will jump again in competition at the age of 51. Announcement was made today at a press conference during the Simplot games in Idaho. Powell will compete on March 7th 2015 at Athletics New Zealand Track & Field Championships and attempt to break the World Masters record. Breaking the record would mean he will be the ONLY athlete in ANY event EVER to hold the current and Masters record simultaneously.

Olympian and current World record holder for the Long Jump Mike Powell, at the age of 51, will attempt to break the World Masters record. The official announcement was made today during a press conference at the Simplot Games in Pocatello, Idaho.

If Powell breaks the Masters record he will be the ONLY athlete in ANY sport to EVER hold both the current World record and Masters record at the same time.

The record attempt will be made while he is competing at the Athletics New Zealand Track & Field Championships March 6th-8th.

In 1991 Mike Powell beat Carl Lewis with a leap of 29′ 4½” for a new World record. This beat Bob Beamon’s long standing record that was considered unbeatable.  At the time, Powell’s long time nemesis, Carl Lewis was undefeated in 60 events over 10 years in the Long Jump.

Powell’s record has stood for 24 years and is one of the longest held in all of sports. Only Jesse Owens has held the Long Jump record longer and in January 2017 Powell will surpass that.

“Barring injury, and injury could hinder any athlete at any age, I am confident of medaling and even winning at the Championships,” states Powell.

Due to his age, every jump Powell makes is considered an attempt at the Masters World record. The current Masters Record for the 50-55 age group is 22′ 5” set in 1994.

Powell continues, “This is an exciting challenge for me to actually compete with athletes half my age and I am confident about breaking the Masters record.”

“It will be interesting to see the dynamics of the competition. Will the other athletes relax a little and take it for granted they can beat the old man?  Or will they be motivated to try harder for bragging rights by beating Mike Powell the World record holder?

“Either way I will be energized. This is not like the ceremonial throwing out of the first ball in baseball.  I am going to New Zealand to strike out but to win the event and break the Masters record.”

“The other athletes should not be deceived by my age. I may be a little slower than when I beat Carl Lewis in 1991 but with age comes knowledge. Along with personal training I have been studying advanced techniques and have unique Long Jump knowledge that probably nobody in the world possesses.”

“During my coaching sessions with athletes I pass my knowledge on to the next generation of jumpers. I would love to coach a jumper that will beat my World Record,” concludes Powell.


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