AnyFlip, New Flash eBook Maker Threatens Amazon’s Online Dominance

February 13 11:31 2015

AnyFlip eBook Publishing Platform
Anyflip aims to flash flip eBook market upside down Amazon and others not happy.

AnyFlip Software, the upstart digital publishing company launched last year, has made huge inroads into Amazon’s grip on the electronic book market.  AnyFlip continues to gain market share in areas that have taken other eBook retailers by surprise.

Aggressively Exploiting Other Channels

AnyFlip, formally known as AnyFlip Software Co., Ltd., has innovated formats for eBooks previously unavailable, making self-publishing for individuals and companies faster and easier. With a wider array of delivery formats, people are able to provide their publications on a much broader number of platforms and devices. This has freed thousands of companies and independent publishers from being forced to conform to Amazon’s Kindle or CreateSpace marketplace, where everything comes with a cost to the consumer.

Breaking the Chains

Publishing has gone through radical changes in the past decade. What was once seen as a fad forged out of the desire of a few “vanity” publishers has now become a major force that has virtually killed the print industry from newspapers to large books.  Print on Demand gave way to eBooks, dominated by online retailers such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Nobles; and any others with the size to produce their own eReader. Hardware drove the market. Now, that market giant is being toppled by a small company with a big vision. Being free from the need of a special device, AnyFlip is able to put its flash eBook maker software into the hands of anyone with a computer.  With a design interface offering infinite new options for book formatting, publishers are flocking to the look and feel of AnyFlip’s software.  The icing on the cake is that publishers can even create an online bookstore similar to Amazon, offering their books for free.

Industry analysts predict a serious strain on Amazon’s bottom line if AnyFlip reaches critical mass in its popularity. They could threaten the current online eBook model, experts agree.

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