AvaLoona Menstrual Cup is Now Available at WALMART

February 12 11:57 2015

February 12, 2015 – Daytona Beach, FL, United States – AvaLoona Inc, one of Florida’s leading manufacturers of menstrual cups is pleased to announce that their popular product “AvaLoona Menstrual Cup” is now available in select WALMART stores nationwide, the number one retailer in the US. AvaLoona Inc with its lines of products and accessories has quickly grown to be a favorite among women in the US, and with the recent inclusion of their product in the WALMART stores, they are expecting to reach an expanded network of new customers.  

The AvaLoona Menstrual Cup is made out of medical grade silicone, tested by the FDA, which is perfectly safe for use. It is a flexible feminine hygiene product which is shaped like a bell, and can be used by a woman during menstruation. What makes these cups so unique is that they can be worn for about half a day or overnight to catch menstrual fluid, and can be used again after being washed. When compared with tampons and pads, not only they are economical, but eco-friendly too. A normal tampon usually gives 8 hours of protection, but the AvaLoona Menstrual Cup can go up to 12 hours in between emptying. Besides this, if proper care is taken, one cup could last almost 5 years.

For more information, simply visit: http://www.newswithperspective.com/AvaLoona

About AvaLoona Inc

AvaLoona Inc is one the fastest growing feminine hygiene product manufacturers in America, which has earned a reputation for its innovative ideas, product quality and clever designs that, have helped make the life easier for women throughout United States. 

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