Bethel Children’s Foundation Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Buy Brick-Laying Machine

February 12 17:48 2015
Bethel Children’s Foundation is purchasing a brick-laying machine as part of their campaign to build Bethel Children’s Home in Uganda. The group has launched an IndieGoGo project in order to raise funds for this endeavor.

The Bethel Children’s Foundation has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to buy a brick-laying machine as part of the total cost of construction for the Bethel Children’s Home in Uganda.

Located at, this project is led by James Byogo Musisi, a teacher for the past 20 years.  Mr. Musisi has the dream of building a comfortable home for orphans in Uganda, and has dedicated a five-acre parcel of land for this project.  

In order to complete construction of the home, there will need to be a total of about 150,000 bricks laid.  A good brick-laying machine will help complete this work in a timely manner and allow the children to get into their new home quickly.

This machine costs $5,000 with $4,000 in additional tax and shipping cost.  The machine is powered by solar energy that will cost an additional $7,000 to install.  The shipping, taxes and installation as well as other accessories brings the total for the brick-laying machine to $20,000.  Site engineers have reviewed the plans and offered advice on the choice of machine and the type of bricks to be produced.  Raw materials are available to supply the entire project.  The solar energy will be used after building is completed for other resources such as a corm miller, pumping water and lighting the facility.

Uganda is a country torn by war, famine, pestilence and social injustice.  In creating the Bethel Children’s Home, Mr. James Byogo Musisi and his supporters hope to raise awareness of the plight of Ugandan children as well as provide these orphans a safe place to live, learn and grow.

For more information, see the IndieGoGo project page.

About Bethel Children’s Home in Uganda:  

The Bethel Children’s Home will be a project sponsored by the Bethel Children’s Foundation, a group that strives to meet the needs of orphans and others who have lost family members to war, famine and illness in Uganda.

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