Cherif, Said Kouachi Declared ‘Protagonist Martyrdoms’ by Pakistan’s Anti-blasphemy APC

February 19 13:50 2015
An all parties conference has been held in Lahore, to convey the global communities, the unanimity on anti-blasphemy sentimentalities. Leaders of all major political parties, seminaries, and notables from non-Muslim minorities joined the occasion and made strong declarations on the issue.

Special Correspondent: News Monitoring Desk, Pakistan.

Lahore, Pakistan – 19 Feb 2015: Cherif and Said Kouachi titled ‘Martyrdoms’, who gunned down the Hebdo cursers for the reason of the repeated and cyclical blasphemous acts, that French publisher, Charlie Hebdo used to carry out repetitively since 2006. The two assassin brothers, who eventually turned to be murdered by the French authorities and police consequently, have been declared as ‘Leading-role Heroes’ and ‘Protagonist Martyrdoms’, by the all parties conference (APC), unanimously. The APC, held at Mansoorah Lahore, was convened by leaders of political parties, seminaries and councils of legislatures.

Prominent representatives of all major governmental and public cluster-constellations, eminent judicial reviewers as well as leading clerics from all over the country participated the anti-blasphemy APC.

Notably, not only the ecclesiastics from contrarily opposing sects along with their followers, but, evidently markedly, the leaders of non-Muslim minorities joined the occasion too.

The APC epitomized the pronounced declaration by notable landed gentry peers from almost every walk of life.. The event was attended by Justice(R) Rafiq Tarar(Former Pakistani President), Professor Emeritus Dr. Zaki(Adjunct-chair UPC), Dr. Bareera N.B. (Chair-person UPC), Justice(R) Nazir Akhtar, Arch-jurist Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi(SAARC Post-doc Academia), Justice(R) Nazir Mughal, Mufti Munib (Chairman Moon-sighting Committee), Maulana Sami-ul Haq, Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Dr. Fareed Paracha, Khawaja Saad Rafique (Federal Minister), J Salik (Ex Federal Minister of Minorities) and Mr. Siraj-ul Haq, who primarily convened the event. The chief convener Mr. Siraj gave the opening and the closing discourses as well.

Ex-president and Pakistan’s former highest judiciary-official of Supreme Court (SC), Justice(R) Muhammad Rafiq Tararr strappingly condemned blasphemous acts and declared them ‘grave violence by any means, at all vantages and from all perspectives, in a pronounced way by citing Allama Iqbal’s standpoint in Ghazi Ilm-Din case, who murdered Rajpal, a blasphemer, and consequently was sentenced for death by courts under the British rule at that time.

Maulana Sami-ul Haq said that the two brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi embraced martyrdom to curb blasphemy. Prof. Mufti Munib, re-endorsed for what stated by Sami-ul Haq and other scholars’ verdicts. Numerous  others also cited famous philosopher Allama Iqbal’s firm and staunch perspective-position on the subject.

Pakistani minorities’ leader J. Salik supported the cause and made high condemnations on the blasphemous acts of Charlie Hebdo, and categorically cited for the sentiments of Vatican’s Pope Francis, concerning the sensitivity of the subject-matter. Though, the Vatican Pope’s statement didn’t justify the Hebdo murders, but nevertheless, quite noticeably and evidently, it provided the baseline position and very clearly stated for what constitutes the conceivable bottom-lines, concerning the subject under cisideration.

Dr. Bareera N.B., on behalf of UPC, presented the Deca-archic strategic model and plan of action to put forward the issue of blasphemy to the international legislative hierarchies including the UN.

It has also been urged as a joint declaration that ‘permanent stop’ must be put to blasphemies through legislation at an international level through the UN. The joint declaration of APC also said that breaking of diplomatic, economic and cultural ties must come to pass and ought to be with the countries that let such blasphemies occur.

APC called upon the Muslim governments to come forth on the issue and to adopt and follow a common line of action against the incidents of blasphemy.

Initially the ‘in-absentia’ funeral services were solemnly paid in Peshawar, Istanbul, Kabul Hyderabad Deccan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia declaring Kouachi brothers martyrdoms. French authorities forbade the family members to hold their funeral in Paris. However, the ‘prevented funeral’ began to be commenced at other parts of the world. Initiated by Allama Pir Muhammad Chishti, the memorials to honor them have been performed in almost 12 countries, to date.

The anti-blasphemy APC was organized by Jamaat-e-Islami, a noted party that connotes religious as well as political persuasions for a long time, since the inception of Pakistan in 1947.

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