Content Marketing the Secret to SEO, Declares Grammar Chic, Inc.

February 09 06:20 2015
Grammar Chic, Inc. comments on the significant relationship between content marketing and search engine optimization.

For as long as there have been search engines, businesses have attempted to manipulate them. Making it onto the first results page of a relevant Google search has long been a kind of Holy Grail for business owners, and the impetus behind the entire search engine optimization (SEO) industry. In recent years, the practice of SEO has been increasingly disparaged, and there are numerous reports claiming that SEO is “dead”—but where does this leave small business owners looking to increase their online visibility? Grammar Chic, Inc. answers this question in a new statement to the press.

“Reports of SEO’s death are somewhat exaggerated,” comments Amanda Clark, the Chief Executive Officer of Grammar Chic. “Search engine algorithms have changed, and made it harder for companies to ‘game the system’ or use tricks and gimmicks to deceive search engines. With that said, small business owners still need ways to place themselves on search engine results pages. The solution lies, to a large extent, in content marketing.”

Content marketing refers to the use of informational and educational content—as opposed to straightforward advertisement and promotion—to engage consumers and build trust. Clark calls it “selling without selling,” and notes that it encompasses everything from blogging and social media to press releases and video.

“The idea is that you prove your authority and thought leadership by giving away free, valuable content,” she explains. “This builds a rapport with customers, but it also provides meaningful Google fodder. In essence, you are giving the search engines truly significant content that search engine users might want to read—which can lead to better search engine visibility.”

Clark goes on to say that content marketing and tried-and-true SEO tactics can go hand in hand. “While small business owners do not wish to game the system, things like keywording and links can still be used in tandem with content development. In fact, they can bring organization and focus to a piece of content, and enrich its quality.”

Quality, Clark concludes, is the key. “To appeal to consumers and to get a shot at better search engine rankings, the important thing is to ensure that you’re developing really creative, original, and readable content,” she affirms.

Grammar Chic, Inc. offers content marketing services to small business owners across the country, including free consultations.

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