Crave Rum challenges Tortuga; South Florida Rum Cake baker Meet Caribbean Giant

February 16 11:46 2015

South Florida, Feb 16, 2015 – In an event Crave Rum fans have dubbed as “The biggest show on Earth between South Florida Rum Cake King and Caribbean rum cake giant,” Crave Rum owner recently called for a bake off competition between his company and Tortuga. The hotly contested bake off competition will be held to determine the company that is the best as far as baking rum cakes is concerned. Crave Rum who are located in South Florida have been in the cake industry for over 6 years and have won a series of awards for competitions. Speaking during this announcement, Crave Rum CEO said that he is pretty sure of a win. “We have won the Best Dessert in the South Florida Wine & Food Festival for the last two years. We are chasing the third this year and battling with Tortuga will be a walkover,” he said.

Tortuga on the other hand has been a household rum cakes company in the Cayman Islands to the point of holding “The taste of Caribbean” brand. Over the last one year, they have held the title and amazed fans with their tasty rum cakes. This year however is going to be different with the challenge that Crave Rum has posed. Crave Rum has tirelessly been branding itself and of late, produced new delectable flavors that clients crave for. This year for example, they have come up with unique flavors such as Orange, Guava, Banana & their Blueberry & Pomegranate rum cakes. “We also anticipate introducing 20 new flavors during the Los Olas Wine & Food Festival event later this year,” said the company Ceo.

“We pride in providing our customers with the number one cake rum flavors in the market. No competitor has equaled us in the variety of rum cakes we are able to bake,” Crave Rum CEO said The Crave Rum vs Tortuga bake off competition will be an appropriate avenue for Crave Rum fans to know the company that is indomitable in the rum cake industry. Fans will freely sample the cakes from both companies and judge the best.

As he ended the announcement, Crave Rum CEO highlighted the unparalleled success of his company “My Company at this time has the largest selection of flavors in the world. Yes, in the world! We have 43 delicious flavors while our competitors only have 10 at most. This bake off competition is an opportunity for you our fans to come and judge the best,” he said.

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Crave Rum are located in South Florida have been in the cake industry for over 6 years and have won a series of awards for competitions.

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