Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for A Social Platform for People Who Wish to Express Themselves

February 13 12:26 2015

Crowdfunding for a social media website which is yet to be named has been launched on Kickstarter, to raise $1,500,000 AUD by Fri, Feb 27 2015. The aim of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise money for a website that will provide people with a platform where they can freely express themselves without the fear of judgment by others, people who are going through different situations in life and would like to share their experiences and thoughts would be welcome on the proposed social media website. The developer hopes to create an internet safe haven for people who wish to speak their heart out to others, honestly and without inhibitions.

“This would be a Social Media website project which would let people express honestly about anything, could be anything say, about having done a generous job today by donating, to admitting infidelity etc. A person will forget all the barriers and just let go all diplomacy, lies, and politically correct statements and just be true to himself when he’s on this website,” elaborates Nitin Aggarwal, creator of the KickStarter campaign for the planned website.

Due to the fear of being wrongly judged by others many people refrain from completely expressing themselves, such people sometimes end up bearing a heavy burden on their conscience, which may also affect their personal and daily lives. By providing a platform to such people, the developers of the proposed website aim to better people’s lives. On the social media website people will be able to find support and strength to fight and overcome their problem or just feel better about themselves. This will provide a board where members will be able to find like minded people, who are going through a similar ordeal and battle in life, the website will be open to people from all over the world that are looking for help, support or appreciation. To provide a safe and private atmosphere, where members can express their problems, share experience and provide support without inhibitions, developers have assured that member information will be kept safe. Everything will be kept confidential.

The project will be completely funded through the money raised through the crowdfunding campaign, according to the risk and challenges could potentially be timelines and to accommodate all the valid suggestions/ideas from all of the product owners which will be the people who have pledged money to the cause.

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Nitin Aggarwal is an IT Java Developer / Solution Designer working in Melbourne, Australia.

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