Dave Bresnahan Selected as Co-producer for 3000 Cups of Tea Documentary

February 06 17:36 2015
Filmmaker and actor Dave Bresnahan continues to expand his career by being named to co-produce the documentary 3000 Cups of Tea by Jennifer Jordan and Jeff Rhoads.

Salt Lake City, Utah – Filmmaker and actor Dave Bresnahan has been selected as co-producer for the documentary film 3000 Cups of Tea.

The film is being made by award-winning journalist, author, and filmmaker Jennifer Jordan and cinematographer Jeff Rhoads of Skyline Ventures Productions.

“Dave Bresnahan was recommended to us because he has a unique skill set and experience in a broad range of areas, both in and out of filmmaking. He is experienced not only in filmmaking and acting, he also has significant experience in marketing and business areas that will be helpful in bringing our film to as many viewers as possible,” explained Jordan.

Bresnahan is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, book author, syndicated talk show host, actor, filmmaker, and owned a radio station and other businesses . He was an NCAA gymnast, and later coached the U.S.A. Men’s Gymnastics Team, and is even a former member of the Utah House of Representatives. He has been in more than a dozen films in the past year alone, and has produced and directed films and commercials.

Later this year he will have supporting roles in the films “Gulag Borashevo” in California, the international film “Famine” in Ireland, England and Turkey, then he will play the role of Peter Lorre in the film Bogie and Bacall. He is even scheduled to be a character in a video game. His full bio can be found at www.IMDb.me/davebresnahan

The documentary is expected to be shown to both a domestic and international audience. It is about the challenges of building and maintaining schools for both boys and girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It describes the impact education is having in the lives of the people of these remote, poverty stricken areas and the positive cultural changes that are taking place because of education that was previously unavailable.

“The world needs to know about the battle to bring education to people who want it and need it, but cannot get it without help. The challenges are many, but there has been success. This is a film that I believe will literally change lives many, many people for the better,” said Bresnahan.

A trailer is already available for 3000 Cups of Tea on the film’s website at www.3000CupsofTea.org and on IMDb at www.imdb.com/title/tt4420690/

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