EarthKosher Provides Fast & Affordable Kosher Certification for Small Businesses & Natural Products

February 20 17:25 2015
Trust the Leading Experts in Modern Kosher Food Production & Technology, EarthKosher

EarthKosher is one of the leading choices today for affordable, fast and fully acceptable Kosher certification. Their expert team makes it easy for small businesses to go Kosher and reach out to a quickly growing marketplace.

Kosher certified products do more than appeal to Jewish consumers. In the United States, it’s estimated that only 20% of Kosher consumers are Jewish, with the additional market including vegetarians, vegans, individuals with lactose intolerance, Muslims, and Seventh Day Adventists. The market is continuing to grow quickly, and further, individuals committed to purchasing Kosher products simply do not buy uncertified or non-Kosher products.

There is true value in a strict financial sense for businesses to “go Kosher” today, perhaps more than ever before. This is particularly true for specialty goods such as natural and organic products whose consumers are already dedicated to living healthier lifestyles.

EarthKosher specializes in Kosher certification for natural, organic and other specialty products, as well as pharmaceuticals. They also provide joint vegan and Kosher certifications.

Their 7 step certification process begins with determining the viability of certification, and moving onto free quote and analysis. EarthKosher offers fast, easy and customized quotes on certification.

Next, the documentation process for ingredients is completed, followed by contract review and approval, and then on-site inspection and verification. Payment is then made to the certification organization, and finally, the Kosher certificate and EarthKosher Kosher Symbol are obtained.

EarthKosher is committed to helping small businesses and their business owners, with a commitment to honest and straightforward business practices, and compassion for their needs. Affordable, flat annual rates are charged, and are never linked to sales and never charged per product. Flexible payment plans are also available, with the goal always being to develop a sustainable, long-term relationship with clients.

Specific costs for Kosher certification will be based upon the location of manufacturing and packaging facilities, whether it’s a contracted manufacturer or the business’s own dedicated facility, the ingredients and processing aids utilized, and the production processes themselves.

Learn more about EarthKosher and how to get started with quick, affordable Kosher certification by visiting, or calling 888.312.3559.

About EarthKosher

EarthKosher is an kosher certification agency, led by Founder & CEO, Rabbi Zachary Goldman. They specialize in natural, organic, and specialty products. Rabbi Goldman opened the agency with the vision to offer affordable and acceptable certification, including an absolute commitment to straightforward business practices, compassion for small businesses, and specialization in the natural products industry. EarthKosher’s Rav Hamachshir, Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech Shlita, is considered the foremost authority on the integration of all aspects of modern food technology with kosher requirements. He has also served for over twenty years in administrative and field positions in all aspects of kosher certification. Rabbi Blech has a well-established reputation for being a leading expert in modern kosher food production and technology. To find out more about EarthKosher, please visit them at Certified.EarthKosher.Com or call them at 888-312-3559.

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