Easy Basketball Drills For Children To Enhance Their Basketball Skills

February 04 13:32 2015

It’s cool to teach kids how to play basketball, but you need to find those drills they can actually manage to do, otherwise they won’t be able to learn the game properly. When teaching kids basketball, you have two goals: to make them enjoy the game and to help them improve their skills. For that, you have to know the right drills and that’s what you are going to learn from this article. One may visit the page https://elitebasketballsecrets.wordpress.com/basketball-drills-for-guards/ to get more info on the basketball drills.

Free throw shots are great to start with. Although they aren’t too frequent during a game play, they are very good because they enable the kids to develop the sense of precision and distance, therefore helping them gain a better eye hand coordination. Free throw shots will also give you a chance to give kids feedback, thus enabling them correct what they do wrong. The page https://elitebasketballsecrets.wordpress.com/basketball-drills-for-beginners/ offers soem useful tips on basketball drills.

Dribbling is the next very important drill you need to do with the kids. This is something they are going to use a lot while playing real games, therefore it is very important to master it. You need to teach them how to dribble correctly, but also how to protect the ball, should anyone want to steal it from them while dribbling. This is a must0have skill, otherwise they are never going to be good players. Visiting the page https://elitebasketballsecrets.wordpress.com/basketball-drills-for-youth-and-fun-basketball-drills-for-kids/ can give some understanding on the basketball drills.

Playing defense is another thing you need to teach your kids. Without a good defense, games will be dull and kids will lose their interest in playing basketball. You need to keep them motivated to stay alert at all times during a game. That’s something a good defense strategy can do. Kids may visit the page https://elitebasketballsecrets.wordpress.com/basketball-dribbling-drills-for-kids/ to get some easy tips on basketball.

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