Eversafe Marine hauls out 3600 tonnes Ro-Ro ship

February 16 11:16 2015

Eversafe Marine successfully completed one Ro-Ro cargo ship docking project with balloons (marine airbags) in Abu Dhabi U.A.E recently.

That vessel measured by 140 m long, 16.6 m wide, weighs 3200 tonnes. It was expected to dock on the beach then move to workshop for modification. The natural beach was compacted and reinforced by rock casting and steel plates covering.

Airbag ship docking technique takes advantage of tidal change to insert balloons and pull ship out of water. The local sea has very little water level change in daytime that adds difficulties to the docking operation.

“It took people about 7 days to make the preparation works ready. The reinforcement of docking ramp is time consuming. We built a temporary dam to keep water out then people can place steel plates on ramp in the area below zero elevation. Every piece of steel plates need to be grinded to remove sharp corners.” Said by Mike Jia, the technical leader of Eversafe Marine.

He added,”Two winches employed to pull ship can offer total 100 tonnes force. Fourteen pieces  marine airbags with 2 m diameter were used to roll vessel, each one can take 380 tonnes load safely. In high tide time, temporary dam was removed, half of docking ramp got flooded. The vessel was pulled onto ramp for 30 meters by the first try then it was stopped. In late night, water dropped down, six air bags were fed in to lift the bow. The next day ship was pulled forward for another 30 meters, more balloons were added. The third days all air bags were right positioned beneath the vessel from bow to stern. Left pulling job came to be easy and fast, people just need to shift air bags pop out rearward and feed them in from the bow.

“On the fourth day vessel arrived at its destination, it was lifted higher to enable inserting 1.4 m high keel blocks. The flexibility of marine airbags helped a lot for the block positioning and vessel leveling. Then all air bags were deflated slowly, the vessel sit steadily on concrete blocks.”

Referred from shipyard, the vessel will be launched again with marine airbags one year later after the modification.

“Docking ship with air bags doesn’t need concrete slipway or trolleys, it can save most investment and time. This technology especially suits for those vessel repair works performed in remote area lacks of facilities.” Commented by Mike Jia. “People can pull vessel out, after inspection or repair then launch it again with balloons. Up to now, lightweight 6,000 tonnes vessel has been successfully conquered for both launching and hauling with air bags.” 

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