Finally Marketers get their Dream Automation Engine in ‘Fyoosion,’ a Unique Marketing-as-a-Service Platform that gives them Full Control of their Operations

February 16 11:13 2015
It’s an innovation that marketers were waiting for eagerly. Fyoosion, the unique Marketing-as-a-Service platform that revolutionizes marketing automation in ways never known before, has been launched.

Fyoosion, the revolutionary marketing automation engine offering a unique and innovative Marketing-as-a-Service platform, has been launched. This unique marketing platform promises to empower the marketers by freeing them of all forms of IT dependence and putting them firmly in control of their operations. The new innovation doesn’t require the user to upgrade his/her knowledge of IT but simplifies technology to help even non-technical marketers to leapfrog ahead to take charge of their operations and turn around the fortunes of their businesses by improving their conversion numbers significantly.

“Marketers and technologists in an organization do not speak the same language and are not on the same wavelength resulting in serious collaboration issues,” says the CEO for Fyoosion Abhishek Jain. “The obvious disconnect between these two critical departments results in the inability of the team to figure out marketing metrics accurately leading to poor planning, wrong application of campaign strategies and misaligned priorities. Fyoosion’s unique solutions help merge marketing and technology into one platform thus providing marketers the control they need to call the shots and make winning marketing decisions.”

The Fyoosion marketing automation engine offers just the kind of technology integration that marketers need to push conversion rates. Created specifically to integrate all the right technologies, affiliates and partners to maximize conversion and sales growth, the technology will help marketers execute agile and nimble marketing strategies that can boost bottomlines significantly.

Industry experts, who have been talking about the need of something like Fyoosion with great anticipation, opine that it is critical to have these diverse channels connect with each other to maximize returns on media investments and get true customer lifetime value. The bigger advantages of using Fyoosion’s innovative solutions are that abandoned traffic can be quickly and easily retrieved. Marketers can keep visitors engaged and convert leads using effective partial management and abandon management tools and processes.

The Fyoosion platform will be offering a broad range of marketing automation solutions. The landing page engine for mobile and microsites can help maximize conversions through pre-integrated technologies. The automation and rules engine portal is ideal for managing every area of testing.

Fyoosion offers a combination of fully-loaded build and buy technologies that can ease the job of marketers considerably and keep customers engaged. The platform effectively closes the gap between technology, marketing priorities and communications, leading to major increase in conversion percentages. Marketers can utilize and enjoy the benefits of over 40 technologies in a single dashboard with the Fyoosion automation engine. It is an innovation that can do wonders for marketers at every stage of their marketing endeavor. It will do all the hard work of finding the right tool for every aspect of marketing with the aim of improving outcomes and easing the challenges associated with interpreting critical market data.

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About Fyoosion:

Fyoosion is a marketing automation engine which offers a unique and innovative Marketing-as-a-Service platform based on breakthrough technology to drive up conversion rates for businesses. The engine puts marketers in complete control of their operations and assists them in implementing agile and nimble marketing strategies to maximize results. Fyoosion is headed by Abhishek Jain, an IT expert with over 20 years of experience including long years in marketing at the highest level; for over 10 years he has been a CIO in a number of venture backed start-ups.

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