Fyoosion CEO Shares His Vision about the Future of this Pioneering Marketing Automation Platform

February 09 10:34 2015

Direct Marketing Automation Platform
Fyoosion CEO, Abhishek Jain shares his thoughts and vision about the newly launched cross channel marketing platform.

Fyoosion, LLC, the innovative marketing platform that specializes in helping startups and small companies get the best from their marketing input was launched recently. The CEO of Fyoosion, Abhishek Jain spoke to Equities.com about the company’s present and future plans and how they intend to revolutionize marketing automation by providing marketers groundbreaking marketing strategies built on the best industry practices.

“Fyoosion is unlike anything that marketers have used or experienced so far,” says Abhishek Jain while throwing more light on what this landmark marketing automation platform is all about. “Fyoosion focuses on optimizing conversion rates for clients through smart analysis of data. In the initial phase we are starting with the web channels where we are focused on brand websites and building conversion-centric sites, also known as microsites.”

Fyoosion stands out from other marketing platforms because here the whole effort is on empowering marketers and freeing them from IT dominance and dependence. The key advantage of using Fyoosion’s marketing automation engine is that it has been created and developed by marketers with extensive experience in IT and marketing. The core focus of this unique platform is to create web channels integrated with technologies that not only maximize and optimize conversion but also provide real-time analytics to marketers.

Within just a year of giving shape to their platform, Fyoosion has built a cross-channel platform. “We call our platform a customer acquisition and retention-centric marketing platform. Once you have done enough of the advertising, and you are generating enough traffic to your website, Fyoosion is ready to take over and change the dynamics of your business dramatically,” says Abhishek Jain.

Fyoosion is an all-inclusive platform that magically integrates over 40 technologies and tools that were either built in-house or integrated with outside vendors. The breakthrough process is guaranteed to provide marketers the highest possible customer acquisition and retention with their customers. It also helps them optimize these websites. That’s the core functionality of Fyoosion’s marketing automation platform according to Abhishek Jain.

The CEO stresses on the fact that Fyoosion is synonymous with marketing. “Once you use Fyoosion, it’s the marketing that takes control of the entire business. It’s no longer IT, operations or external consultants.”

Fyoosion makes sure that the ad revenue of companies is utilized in the best possible manner by optimizing conversion and sales.

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About Fyoosion:

Fyoosion is a marketing automation engine which offers a unique and innovative Marketing-as-a-Service platform based on breakthrough technology to drive up conversion rates for businesses. The engine puts marketers in complete control of their operations and assists them in implementing agile and nimble marketing strategies to maximize results. Fyoosion is headed by Abhishek Jain, an IT expert with over 20 years of experience including long years in marketing at the highest level; for over 10 years he has been a CIO in a number of venture backed start-ups.

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