Her Message is Never Lose Heart

February 04 14:32 2015
When Dr. Tina Chadda lost everything in a tragic house fire and soon after cancer entered her life, she had no idea that through psycho-synthesis of Eastern, Judaeo-Christian and secular philosophy including mindfulness, she would heal her own heart and pain. That would be the catalyst for her new book, The Heart That Heals Itself: Discovering Emotional Riches through Meditations & Reflections with a Foreword by Bernie Siegel, MD.

“I started to write the book after I learned how to heal through mindfulness and love. And this is what I teach to my patients and clients. My book is a compilation of a series of notes and meditations on achieving peace of mind through the self-regulating, dynamic force that is in each of us, and what we call the heart.”

Until several years ago, Chadda didn’t take the subject of “healing the heart” all that seriously. At the time her life fell apart in so many serious ways. She’d lost everything in the house fire – on Valentine’s Day. She’d narrowly escaped with her two youngest children. The other two were at school, and her husband was at work. They were then without a permanent home for a long time, and just as they managed to recreate their home, her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Superimposed on all of this was a drawn-out legal battle over insurance issues related to the financial loss of the original home and then building its replacement.

“From this period of deep darkness I learned that life can change in a single heartbeat. It can change for the worse, or the better. One single, solitary heartbeat is all it takes for your life to go in an entirely different direction,” says Dr. Chadda.

Tina was born in India and grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada spending most of her childhood summers traveling. During her undergraduate years she studied recombinant DNA technologies and other areas of cancer research and biomolecular medicine, as well as music and French. During summer breaks she worked and backpacked around the UK and Europe. She graduated with a BSc Honors in Biochemistry from Dalhousie University.

Tina then attended medical school. At Dalhousie Medical School, Tina spent her elective periods overseas working in obstetrical units and rural cold chain immunization programs. For a number of years after graduating from medical school she practiced family and general medicine. She later obtained her specialty training in psychiatry from the University of Toronto, with psychosomatics (the mind-body interface), psychooncology, and psychotherapy as her areas of subspecialty.

Tina has been a recipient of the Knights of Malta Award in Medical Ethics and the University of Toronto Resident Psychotherapy Prize. Affiliated with the University of Toronto as a Lecturer, she is the Chair of the Psychotherapy Section of the Ontario Psychiatric Association. Tina is a Founding Member of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association, a Harvard Medical School affiliate. In her private psychotherapy practice, Tina works not only with people who experience eating disorders, mood disorders, or relationship issues but with people who have, or who have had, cancer.

Tina is trained in Reconnective Healing®, a form of vibrational energy medicine. Tina maintains a personal yoga and meditation practice. A student of Patanjali Yoga Sutras, she is interested in their applications and relevance to modern life and the psychotherapies. Recently, Tina has been developing her practice of yoga-psychotherapy as a way to increase her own level of well-being and happiness. Most recently, Tina was recognized as a Top Doctor by the International Association of Health Care Professionals.

Zindel V. Segal, Ph.D., C.Psych., Distinguished Professor of Psychology in Mood Disorders, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto – Scarborough, sums it up this way, “Tina Chadda’s heartfelt evocation of the power of attention, presence and kindness offers a compelling guide for moving beyond just the remission of symptoms and syndromes into a landscape where fuller, vibrant living is well within reach.”

The book will officially launch on February 5, 2015 at http://TinaChaddaMD.com

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