How To Effectively Dribble The Basketball With Both Hands – A Beginners Guide

February 04 10:24 2015

A very popular sport that both children and adults play is basketball, something that can be done for personal reasons and as a professional. Although it is extremely fun to play, as well as exciting, you need to have a great deal of skill in order to play the game of basketball at a proficient level. To be a skilled basketball player, there are certain exercises that you need to learn, and you must know how to pass the ball very easily. In this article, we will look at how you can become a more proficient dribbler using a basketball with both hands. Coaches can visit the page of to get more info on basketball coaching.

One of the most basic tenets of basketball is to learn how to dribble. This is central skill is central to a novice or advanced player playing the game well; however, a beginner will do this the best using this series of strategies:

• You need to strike the ball with your fingertips. Touching the ball with your palm is discouraged most of the time.
• You need to bounce the ball to the side of your body, and not the front of your body. If you bounce the ball in front, it’s an advanced move which will confuse any beginner.
• You need to bend her body slightly, and also walk, while dribbling. This is for advanced players, so you need to walk before you run.
• When you dribble, start with one hand, and then slowly move the ball from one hand to the other while you are dribbling downcourt. Its good to visit page to learn more about bball skills.

After a player has gained confidence and experience using the basketball on the court, they will feel confident to play on the court using these strategies:

• You need to use a rhythmic dribble pattern. You can change the balance pays of the basketball, and dribble the ball from one hand to the other as fast as you can. How to dribble a ball can be access on page and start working on bball handles.
• You can start to step forward while dribbling backwards. This will help you in crossing over and also will confuse the opponents on the other team.

There are various stages to becoming more proficient as a basketball player as you have just seen. If you are able to practice the specific strategies, you will quickly gain the basketball skills that you need to learn very quickly helping you to become a better player.

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