KickStarter Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Help Fund Denmark’s first lost-and-found website:

February 16 11:41 2015

Chris Wenlock is a father, social activist and website developer and has taken on the mission to develop Denmark’s first lost-and-found website:, which he believes is an  arduous feat, but one that has to be taken on to fill a void worsened by a new Danish lost-and-found law. The regulations, which were  altered and a new law put into effect in 2013, enables police to freely destroy, and no longer obliged to store,  any item they consider to be of a lesser value than 500 Danish kroner (ca. $90). To counter this situation, Chris has been working on a Danish and an English version of a lost and found website, which he requires further funding for.

Chris has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help continue the development and expansion of the website,  Chris elaborates: “For over a decade, the ‘official’ Danish lost and found domain, ””, had been moving from hand to hand, unused, untried and kept. I got the domain, and have been steadily working on the website since last year and just this week went live for the testing phase.” The site has several key elements missing, as further funding is needed. The site is being developed to not only service locals, but tourists and visitors, and  therefore designed in a user-friendly manner with graphics, thus minimizing language barriers.

‘’The lack of funds is the biggest challenge the project is facing’’, he says. Chris has launched a KickStarter campaign to raise Kr 85,000 DKK ($15,000) by Thu, Mar 5 2015. The pledgers will be contributing to a social cause that will help people in Denmark locate their valuables that may exceed emotional value than its monetary worth. A similar incident became the inspiration and motivation for Chris to come through with the lost and found website:

“When my 8yr. old son, Joshua, left his absolute favorite blue ”cat tail” hat in the public bus one day last year, I began a quest as any loving parent would, to find his hat! It was a rather disappointing but eye-opening journey,” said Chris, he added: “This is where I recognized a state of confusion rampant across our entire nation! Unfortunately his hat was sent to the police before I could get my hands on it.”

Chris’s determination to get the project up and running successfully is apparent from the test-run of  www.hittegods.dx and the plans ready for the development of the website after the KickStarter goal has been achieved. People are requested to donate generously for the worthy cause, ask peers and family to contribute and help get the world out.

To back the project and learn more please visit:

About Chris Wenlock:

Born in Denmark in 1975, has 2 sons, Liam 2 and Joshua 9, and artist wife, Christine Solaris. He has spent the better of  20 years involved in  humanitarian services, including being a graduate of the first class of AmeriCorps NCCC program in 1995. 

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