Momento Pearl Launches Campaign To Fund World’s First Talking “Smart Pearl”

February 16 18:00 2015
The Momento Pearl, a unique piece of jewelry that interacts with an Android app to store images and sound, will be available for delivery in time for Mother’s Day through a Kickstarter campaign designed to raise funds for mass production.

San Dimas, California. The Momento Pearl is a unique type of jewelry that combines elegant gold and silver designs with a pearl containing an NFC chip accessible from the Android platform.  This allows the user to tap the jewelry to a smart phone or tablet and instantly upload and download audio and visual information such as recordings and photos, capturing memories as soon as they are made and storing them for generations. Now, Galatea, the maker of the Momento Pearl, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund mass production of this “jewelry of the future,” allowing those who pledge early to take shipment in time for Mother’s Day 2015.

This interactive gem consists of a cultured pearl hand-carved by master jewelry designer and four-time winner of the Culture Pearl Association’s award for Best International Pearl Design, Chi Huynh.  This pearl combines with an embedded chip that operates on NFC technology.  Because Android is currently the only platform successfully utilizing NFC, the apps are limited to Android smartphones and tablets.  The chip allows this digital “locket” to store photos and audio content that can be shared with a tap of the user’s phone against the jewel.

The Momento Pearl comes in four styles:  Style #01: “I Love You,” with an 11-millimeter hand-carved white freshwater or black Tahitian pearl set in Sterling silver and suspended on an 18-inch sterling silver rolo chain; Style #02: “Forever Yours,” with an 11-millimeter hand-carved white freshwater or black Tahitian pearl set in 14-karat white or yellow gold with a matching 14k gold 18-inch rolo chain included; Style #02: “Forever Yours” earrings with two 11-millimeter hand-carved white freshwater or black Tahitian pearls set in 14-karat white or yellow gold;  Style #03: “Beauty Inside,” with an 11-millimeter hand-carved Tahitian Galatea pearl set in 14k white or yellow gold and a .03 carat diamond, the only pearl in the world with a gemstone grown inside, and a 14k rolo chain; and Style #04: “The Promise,” with a 12-millimeter hand-carved white freshwater or black Tahitian pearl set in 14-karat white or yellow gold. Customers should specify ring size when ordering.

The Momento Pearl, U.S. Patent 7,062,940, P.P. 14/517.827, and Trademark 86/434,536, is available at for delivery in time for Mother’s Day 2015.

About The Momento Pearl:  

The Momento Pearl is one of the world’s first examples of interactive jewelry that allows the use of a smart phone to capture images, video and audio easily through an embedded NFC chip. 



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