PITT Creations Launched Its KickStarter Campaign to Fund The PITT SPORTBELT – A Revolutionary Wearable Workout System For Everyone

February 06 13:57 2015

Nick Peeters, the owner and concept developer at PITT Creations, has recently launched a KickStarter campaign for his latest concept: the PITT SPORTBELT. Nick hopes to raise $28,421 (= €25,000) by Wednesday, Mar 4 2015. The raised money will help in finalizing the particles and producing the PITT SPORTBELT, setting up an international distribution solution, establishing appropriate paperwork, developing the packaging and the shipping of the packages. He is looking towards generosity of fitness enthusiasts, timesavers and outdoor lovers to help him raise the money for this convenient wearable solution that lets wearers exercise everywhere.

As a former officer who served in the Dutch army for thirteen years, Peeters is able to acknowledge the importance of staying fit and have access to practical solutions for dealing with a workout challenge. The concept and inspiration for the PITT SPORTBELT came from his days in the army.

Nick elaborates: “During those years I went on several military exercises where we couldn’t workout properly because of the lack of workout facilities. Lifting ‘half empty jerry cans’ was the best we could do to stay fit in those circumstances. Last year, because of the ‘jerry can experiences’, I started researching proper training methods and training equipment. There turned out to be no wearable resistance workout solution that fulfilled my needs.”

The design challenge for Nick was to create a lightweight, wearable belt which provided maximum training possibilities. He has specifically designed the belt to provide a variety of resistance workout anywhere.

Nick explains: “I wanted to create a device that was able to let us exercise everywhere, without compromising functionality, quality, strength and comfort. Also it had to be wearable without causing obstructions during long physical effort, like running for more than half an hour. Therefore it has to be a very strong but lightweight solution and an enjoyable experience.”

Because the device has been designed to be lightweight, wearers do not feel weighed down by the belt; the PITT SPORTBELT is no heavier than a regular belt. Nick’s concept was to develop a belt which wearers did not have to carry, rather wear as they would any other belt. The campaign has just started and managed to get pledges of $1,396 (= €1,229); therefore it still awaits the generosity of fitness enthusiasts and timesavers to complete the goal of $28,421 (= €25,000) and let everyone exercise everywhere in the nearby future!

About Us:

PITT Creations’ ambition is to invent and develop practical solutions for problems that people encounter in their daily lives, so effectivity levels will be increased. To help achieve the $28,421 (= €25,000) target, please pledge generously at: http://kck.st/1DmRZat

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