Plume Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Stylus of exception, From France

February 16 13:37 2015

A line of luxury stylus pens have been created by a fittingly named brand ‘Plume’, the brand seeks to take the idea of luxury writing instruments into the future by creating five stylus pens crafted by highly skilled cabinet makers, designers and bow makers from luxury materials such as the finest exotic woods from around the world and precious metals including gold and silver. To make this ambition of Stylus of exception, From France possible Plume has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the goal of $80,000, Wed, Apr 1 2015.

“Grand-sons of the chalk and adoptive sons of the pen, Stylus connect a rich history with contemporary dynamism turned to digital. Far from replacing their honorable ancestors, Stylus offer a new experience of creativity and new interactions. Stylus offer a sensual and tactile perception of the digital dream,” states Plume Stylus Product Description.

Five distinctive designs have been created for the line of Stylus pens which take inspiration from traditional writing instruments and combine it with the modern utility of writing, drawing creating art, composition and touching. Tablet PCs have revolutionized how people read, write, create and draw nowadays, technology is on its way toward replacing paper and the wave of technological evolution has also rolled in on the humble stylus. Plume’s new project will transform the basic, everyday stylus pens into pieces of luxury, craftsmanship and exception.

“Stylus are made thanks to the work of artisans using ancestral methods with Gold and finest woods: Black Ebony from Congo, Brazilian Padauk and Pernambuco.”

The 5 distinctive designs of Stylus include:

The Bow: Which according to Plume has been crafted by an actual a bow maker by profession, who used the traditional way of creating a violin bow to create the stylus pen. Pernambuco, a dense and soft wood, ebony, mammoth ivory, beaded silk and silver thread have been used to craft The Bow.

The Chalk: This design is the reminiscent of the pleasures of using chalk to write.

The Calame: This design is a reinvention of the traditional Calame style of pens. Its long and elegant design features a brown and earthy red Paladuk.

The Plume: Design inspired by the unique quill pen, Plume offers a range of stylus dedicated to enthusiasts and artists.

The Paintbrush: A luxury Stylus for the artists, the paintbrush has a marriage of black Ebony and white gold.

About Us:

Plume is a brand of luxury Stylus pens from France.


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