PoppyTootToot Offers Auto Kick Mats a Big Seller for Parents

February 13 13:16 2015

Parents of active and playful children have caught on the idea of using our Auto Kick Mats to protect the back of the car seats from mud and dirt marks of kids shoes, the retailers and manufacturers of the Auto Kick Mats, PoppyTootToot have reported a surge in the sales of their kick mats. Parents who have purchased the Auto Kick Mats by PoppyTootToot have appreciated the durability of the mat and simplicity of design and function.

Parents who consider their entire car, the exterior and the interiors, an investment that should be protected with auto kick mats to keep the backs of their car seats clean and dirt and mud mark free. According to PoppyTootToot, their auto kick mats protect the vehicles seats from mud, dirt, spills and scuff marks from kid’s shoes, the mats are a great way to keep kid’s items organized in the car and also keep the interior clean. The mats are multi-functional which not only keep the backs of the front seats clean, the children can keep their items in the deep mesh pockets that have been designed as a part of the Kick Mat.

Designer of PoppyTootToot Auto Kick Mats: “Our Deluxe Kick Mats plus Organizer are the LARGEST Back Seat Protectors on the Market. Our perfectly designed, high quality mats are guaranteed to cover 99% of ALL Vehicle Back Seats because of the 27 inch x 20 inch size; this ensures that the mud, dirt, spills and scuff marks stay off your seats from your kid’s shoes permanently.”

Designed with kids and little mucky feet in mind, the Auto Kick Mats are child friendly and easy to clean because the water resistant material mats are made of is machine washable. To fit a wide range of car seats the mats have long durable straps, the company claims that the strong dual-able adjustable straps will go around 99% of vehicle seats and have the highest quality clips (top and bottom) to make these back seat protectors EASY TO INSTALL in your car, users with different makes and models of cars have testified that the mats are easy to install and fit most cars.

The Auto Kick Mats by PoppyTootToot come with a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

To buy, please visit: http://amztk.com/amazon-kick-mats

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PoppyTootToot develops clever, innovative products for babies and children that anticipate and serve parents’ needs by thinking of “the little things.” For more information, please visit: www.poppytoottoot.com

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