Reading into the Advantages of AnyFlip: Evaluating the Flipbook Experience

February 12 12:16 2015
AnyFlip’s feature rich flipbook creation software is one of the best in the market not only because of its real world page flipping capabilities but also the advantages it has over real books, worldwide sharing, cost effectiveness and eco-friendly stance.

Digital books and e-books have become popular over the years. The simplistic interface of the readers which failed to emulate the feel of an actual book however left something missing in the entire reading experience. This is exactly what AnyFlip, the digital flipbook software delivered.

While replicating an actual reading experience of an actual book, AnyFlip went beyond these requirements to create a much more fulfilling experience.

What made it popular among readers and online users were the additional benefits it provided not only over other e-readers but also actual books in the real world.

To start off with authors founds that it was much more productive and cost effective to create an e-book on AnyFlip which was extremely easy o use and then modify as per their needs. Unlike conventional books which cannot be shared without purchasing another copy, the AnyFlip book can be shared incredibly easily using the share feature wither on blogs, sites or even offline.

Authors and bloggers looking to spread the word on their content have especially found this feature helpful as they embed their content onto their web pages. This provides them with worldwide reach without increasing the cost of reaching out to readers on a global scale.

The AnyFlip e-reader is incredibly versatile. Not only can it be shared on online and offline media, it can also be printed into a real book, should the creator wish it.

Another reason that customers have opted for AnyFlip is the fact that it provides the actual feel of a book without the damage they do to the environment. This green initiative works towards the promotion of eco-friendly information sharing making sure that the customer’s carbon footprint remains zero.

One customer states, “This has got to be one of the most feature rich software I have seen in some time. AnyFlip has raised the bar with this one. Love it!!!!”

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