Semi Anthony to bless new supernatural thriller

February 02 12:35 2015

Semi Anthony in The Butchers
The star of The Butchers to reunite with director Stephen Durham

Following his popular turn in The Butchers, horror staple Semi Anthony has gone looking into some.. Paranormal Activity.

The actor’s next film, Abbey Grace,is a supernatural thriller that reunites the born actor with Butchers‘ helmer Stephen Durham.

“This one is more suspense [as opposed to The Butchers, which was a horror film]”, the actor said said in a recent interview.”There’s not a lot of blood in it. It’s a supernatural thriller dealing with a vengeful spirit who causing havoc with two unsuspecting siblings.”

Anthony, who played the villain in his last scary movie, this time chanels Zelda Rubenstein’s Poltergeist character Tangina Barrons.

“I play Roman, a spiritualist assigned to bless the house and cleanse it of any negative energy.”

The film, says the actor and producer, is due for release in March.

Meantime, it’s back before the cameras for Anthony; the actor’s next project is a short film.

“It’s called “Love is a Four Letter Word”. It’s about a player who’s getting played in the end. You know, there’s always somebody better than you. It’s like a dramedy. And the whole deal is to make it into a short film, submit it to festivals, and then turn it into a TV series.”

The Butchers
is now available on DVD

Abbey Grace is released this year

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