Small Business Insurance Is A Must For Protection Against Icebergs Of Day To Day Business

February 17 13:58 2015

Free insurance quotes at All types of small business insurance including workers compensation, professional business liability, product liability and commercial vehicle insurance.
Small business insurance is a necessity for protection against the unseen pitfalls in the day to day operations. offers free quotes on all small business insurance needs, including workers compensation, professional business liability, product liability and commercial vehicle insurance.

“Small business insurance protects you against that part of the iceberg you can’t see,” warns Keith Hunt VP of Marketing for assists companies with small business insurance. Coverage includes workers compensation, product liability insurance, small business liability, commercial vehicle insurance, and commercial property insurance. Insurance for home-based businesses and start-ups is also available. Free insurance quotes for comparison are offered.

“It wasn’t the visible tip of the iceberg that sank the Titanic but the larger 80% hidden under the surface.”

On her maiden voyage from Southampton England to New York the Titanic was carrying 2,224 passengers and crew. At the time she was the largest ship afloat and considered unsinkable until running into an iceberg on April 14th 1912.

“The visible part of the iceberg represents our day-to-day business and looks nice and peaceful. As business owners we do our best to prevent any sort of accident or situation, but it’s the invisible that does the most damage.”

“For your business what would that invisible part under surface look like? Could it be your long-time restaurant cook that hurt himself playing football with his buddies on Sunday? Then he comes to work the following day in quiet agony but “slips on a wet kitchen floor” only to claim a work related injury.”

“As business owners we do our best to prevent these types of situations from happening. Many situations simply cannot be anticipated. For instance what if one of your employees got into a car accident while on company business and somebody was seriously hurt? Your company and employee could be absolutely 100% in the right but in this litigious society it could still cost you tens of thousands of dollars to defend a frivolous lawsuit.”

Whether a company has one or one hundred business vehicles they should all be covered by commercial vehicle insurance. These policies cover any vehicle used for business purposes including cars, trucks, semis, tankers, flatbeds and tractors etc used by you or your employees in the operation of the company.

Any vehicle being used for business purposes can technically be considered a commercial vehicle that must be insured by a commercial vehicle insurance policy.

Small business insurance coverage varies from company to company depending on the specific need. For instance a doctor needs professional business liability insurance commonly referred to as malpractice insurance. Whereas a manufacturing company might need product liability insurance to protect against damages caused by a defective item. Remember the McDonalds hot coffee issue?

“While everything is going well you may hate writing that small business insurance check every month “for nothing”. But you will be so thankful that you had enough coverage to defend that expensive lawsuit. All of a sudden that small business insurance premium looks like the deal of a lifetime doesn’t it?”

“It’s interesting that the unsinkable Titanic was still insured!” concludes Hunt.

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