The Importance Of Spin And Proper Shooting Form

February 04 10:20 2015

A very important skill that every basketball player must learn is how to shoot a basketball properly. Whether you are a midrange jumper, or a three pointer shooter, or you like to throw from the free throw line, proper form is essential if you want to help your team win more games. By visiting the site of one can get info on how to dribble a ball.

So what does it mean to have proper shooting form, and exactly what does the release of the ball have to do with the shot in general?

The first thing you need to realize is that your dominant hand is going to push the ball toward the basket while the other hand serves to guide and stabilize while you shoot. Pushing, by the way, is not enough. The ball itself needs to roll off of your fingertips of the hand that is pushing it. By visiting the page of one can get some important info on bball drills.

Why does any of this matter?

If you actually had superhuman ability to make any shot, hitting net with every shot, it would not matter at all. The best shooter in the NBA is not able to hit nothing but net every time. That’s why you need to have spin on the ball when you shoot. If you have a flat shot, no spin whatsoever, if it hits the rim with a lot of force, it’s just going to bounce in relation to the shot itself. Now a player can simply visit the page of to learn about basketball moves.

This means that it’s very unlikely that the shot will actually miss if it hits the rim.

Conversely, if you have the proper spin on the ball, essentially its force is dampened when it hits the rim. The balance will move in regard to the spin, not the trajectory of the shot itself. So when you put spin on the ball, it is essentially backspin, and so the balance will go up and toward the basket, thus making it easier to make a shot.

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