The Importance Of Stretching Before Playing Basketball

February 04 11:02 2015

One of the most important parts of playing basketball isn’t your skill, your luck, or even how strong you are. No, it’s how well you warm up before you even start playing. How well you do will determine your game and whether or not you sustain certain injuries. One of the most important aspects of your warm up is stretching. The page of offer some useful tips on basketball exercises.

Go slow and easy. You can start hustling once the game begins. Stretching is your time to test how flexible you are and what your limits may be. You’re not going to be on your A-game every day, and stretching will warn you if it’s going to be a slow day. Basketball stretches info can be seen on to prevent one from getting injured.

Stretch both sides of your body. It’s important to make sure that both sides are equally ready, not just the side you lead with. We recommended doing two rounds of stretches for both sides. Do them the same number of times for both sides. The page of offers many useful tips on ball handling.

Stretch your whole body. Don’t just stretch your arms and legs. Basketball requires the use of your whole body, and it must be prepared to play. Overextending any of these parts is something you have to watch out for. Also, if something hurts when you stretch, don’t push it as hard. Otherwise you may injure yourself before you even start playing. By visiting the page of one may find useful info on dribbling moves.

Remember what you learned in gym class. These are usually the best exercises for you to do. These include basic squats, arm reaches over the head, and those stretches where you turn side to side.

How well you stretch will determine your overall performance on the court. By ensuring you stretch before every game, you’re not only protecting yourself but also ensuring that you play a good game. As an added benefit, stretching and warming up benefits your overall health as well.

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