The Tooth Pro Launches New Website Offering Tooth Pain Remedies

February 18 16:01 2015

Toothache can feel crippling. For those who are suffering from a toothache and feeling feel like their head is going to explode during the wait before they can finally see a dentist for the issue, The Tooth Pro website has recently updated a post about the common causes of toothache and various fast acting tooth pain remedies some of which can be used to temporarily treat toothache at home, using various safe and natural remedies.

The Tooth Pro is a website that has been developed to educate people about various tooth pain problems, information about treatments, home remedies and dental care product reviews. Deirdra Gallager is the author/creator of The Tooth Pro explains: “Our goal is to answer your most frequently asked questions about tooth pain. Our most asked about topics include:  Serious tooth pain, tooth pain after a filling, tooth pain relief and a root canal versus an extraction.”

Toothache is actually caused by the irritation of the nerve of the tooth, and is most often due to tooth decay but there also other common causes which The Tooth Pro’s recent post title “Tooth Pain Relief – Causes and Best Solutions” discusses. Another common cause for tooth pain is gum diseases which affects the gums rather than the tooth, but can also toothache. For tooth pain caused by gum diseases the website suggests: “If you have gum disease, then often a mouthwash like Corsodyl can help to get rid of the bacteria. Do check with your dentist first though as in some cases products like this can be a little too strong and may cause more problems than solutions.”

Among the home remedies that The Tooth Pro features include peppermint tea, ginger and cayenne pepper paste, using clove oil and vanilla extract. Some of these treatments are known to have immediate effect on tooth ache and provide fast acting relief which most people who are suffering from tooth pain need. It is also advised that all these remedies are only temporary fixes and a visit to the dentist is the only way to diagnose and treat a problem permanently.

Learn more about the top 9 remedies suggested by The Tooth Pro:

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