Water Softener Pro Reveals Which Water Filter Is the Best

February 18 16:12 2015

Water Softener Pro is a website that has been created with the aim of educating readers with practical and useful information about water filtration systems and water softeners to help them make an informed choice at the time purchase, which will have a great impact on the quality of water they drink. Recently the website set out to present to its readers with the benefits of using a water filtration system over bottled water, by discussing various water filtration system and their pick of the top 5 water filters.

Drinking plenty of clean water is important for the healthy function of the human body, therefore it is important that people understand that what kind of water they are hydrating their bodies with and which type of water filter would best suits their budget and needs.  

“Many people have started drinking bottled water in order to have access to a cleaner water source, but recent research has showed that the material called Bisphenol A – or BPA for short may cause birth defects, some cancers and other health concerns, and this is the plastic that most bottled water is made from” educates the website.

The writers and reviewers at Water Softener Pro argue that bottled water might just be tap water in a bottle, plus the price of bottled water is much higher than tap water that has been filtered to remove impurities. Water Softener Pro have listed Culligan Faucet Mount and Brita Filter Pitcher among their top 5 water filters, the in depth reviews of the top picks are also available for readers convenience.

Water Softener Pro post about water filters explains: “While you might already be aware that you need to filter your drinking water you might not understand exactly why. The reason is simple – there are around 300 chemicals that pollute our tap water, according to studies done by the Environmental Working Group.”

Unfiltered water may contain many harmful chemicals from herbicides and pesticides, various volatile organic chemicals and heavy metals such as lead and/or mercury. To filter most of the harmful pollutants people can choose from basic types of water filter models: reverse osmosis, pitcher filtration systems, distillation filtration systems, and the most preferred solid carbon filtration systems. Water Softener Pro discusses all these systems in their recent post. Learn more: http://watersoftenerpro.com/filter

About Water Softener Pro:

Water Softener Pro is a website that has been created with the aim of equipping their readers as much information as possible on water softeners to help them make an informed choice at the time purchase.

For more information please visit: http://watersoftenerpro.com/

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