February 07 23:36 2017

February 7, 2017 – New York, NY – Readers of all ages now have the opportunity to purchase the first two parts of the world-renowned trilogy on the life of Renée Roth-Hano, a holocaust survivor who documented her childhood experiences in Nazi occupied France in the book, Touch Wood.  Ms. Roth-Hano’s stories have been widely circulated in the past, and were must-read books for school children studying the emotional impact of the holocaust.

In the second part, Safe Harbors, the author describes her coming to America experience on the ship Liberté and how she adapted to life in America despite the trauma of leaving her homeland.  Roth-Hano is forever an optimist, and this rings true in her books, which are suitable for young and adult readers.  While she recollects on the impact of war, she does so with a gentle tone, interspersing delightful stories about France and life in the United States with the more emotional experiences of wartime. 

The third part of the series, 13 North Irregulars, was released in 2016.  The entire series is available on Amazon or on the author’s website:

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