PixelBolt could help users create ultimate graphic and videos for their marketing requirements in just a few minutes

March 20 18:01 2017

PixelBolt is a powerful WordPress Plugin that helps the user create a logo, video, banner, flyer, T-Shirt, and also a restaurant menu in a very short time. This easy-to-use, simple and powerful tool enables users to make PHCG (Professional High Converting Graphics) and videos for their business needs in just a few minutes.

Reader could see the features of PixelBolt at their official site here.

This WordPress plugin will help the user to optimize their website as it is easy to create a website using WordPress. However, by default, the user cannot get the proper graphic and video editing tool.  But, PixelBolt software can solve their problem quickly. It helps the user create an excellent graphic within minutes, and also helps them create a video without waiting for exporting/render. The tool offers an instant solution. The best part is, the user can make a striking design using any device, including smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.

The Drag & Drop editor gives users the ability to create certified graphic and video with just a few clicks. Moreover, this user-friendly tool is totally tested and does not require any technical skills to use. It helps the marketer produce and edits any graphic designs in a few minutes, including banner ads, T-shirt, logo, business card, Facebook cover, Instagram ads, restaurant menu and much more.

The tool contains 3,000 graphic elements, assets, and cliparts, and users can choose from over 700 high converting design/ graphic templates for their business requirements. Users can create and publish their video without description. With PixelBolt soft, it is simple to create an animated video, create video pop-ups and insert Lead form inside the video, and it allows users to integrate it with any WordPress tool.

Let us now have a look at some vital features of PixelBolt software:

PixelBolt Graphic Creator: This feature offers over 3,700 graphic templates and Assets. Marketers can use these high-quality templates, including Goggle Ads, Instagram, Flyer, Facebook Ads, Business Cards, Restaurant Menu, and Logo. These templates are prebuilt, and they are ready to use, the user can use them for their marketing needs.

Drag and Drop Editor: The user can easily drag and drop live video editor and live editor graphic, and they can easily edit it for their requirements. All that the user needs to do is, click on the text or image that they want to edit, and they can get a striking graphic design in a very short period.  

Custom Drawing Tool: This feature allows the user to explore their creativity. It enables them to draw inside PixelBolt, and create their own graphic design. PixelBolt is an all-in-one graphic and video creator that allows users to make their own profession graphic and videos in minutes.

All in all, PixelBolt WP plugin offers ready-to-use professional graphics and videos to the user for their marketing needs. It also allows them to create a video, flyer, banner, etc. within minutes. Marketers can use PixelBolt to save hundreds of dollars on expensive designers and software.

Concerned reader may find more specific information in PixelBolt soft review and demo.

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