Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd announces the release of new automatic terminal crimping machines

June 01 14:15 2017
Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd provides innovative wire cutting and terminal crimping services. They are also involved in coaxial stripping, tape binding and pipe cutting services.

In the past decade the demand for wire stripers has doubled and it has been used in various industries. The development of automatic wire strippers is different from the traditional methods and it comes in handy for various purposes. Whether a person uses them for small electronic purposes or large industrial requirements these wire stripping prove to be real efficient for them. One of the companies that provide innovative wire harnessing service is Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd

The electric, manual and automatic wire strippers have different functionality and it depends on the product that is being worked on. While working with the coax cable stripper it is important to go through their specifications properly. These machines have a wire range of 3mm to 25mm, stripping length of 0.5mm to 150mm and much more. Going through the specifications and making a proper research helps in taking smart decisions. It is a durable machine that consists of high quality blades made of tungsten material. Users can easily expect to produce 500 to 700 pieces in an hour.

Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd announces the release of new automatic terminal crimping machines

When a person is working on excess wires that have to be stripped then it is essential to use electric wire stripper machine. Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd sells various electric wire stripping machines that can be easily clamped on the table and one can easily remove multiple yards of a collection of wires. Industrial machines need to be durable enough and they need to manage the production purpose efficiently. The company provides heavy duty cable strip cut machine that can produce more than 4000 to 6000 pieces per hour. It has an LCD display with an excellent power rating of around 100W.

Pneumatic wire strip is mainly used for working on insulated wire stripers. It comes with a universal blade system that has an excellent cycle time. These products are cost effective and coming up with excellent final product. The diameter of outer cable is 3.2mm, net weight is 2kg and its stripping length is around 0.5mm. It is important to make a proper research before finalizing such products as it is involved in various industrial uses. The clients can get in touch with the professionals through the online chat facility and discuss all the queries. They can also go through the testimonials and read the feedback provided by the previous clients. It helps in understanding the service of the company and finalizing the service with ease.

About Cheers Electronic Technical Co. Ltd

Cheers Electronic Technical Co. Ltd is a Chinese firm that has been involved in this field for a long time. They helps various industries in stripping wires and working on various electrical and insulation machines. They have wide range of products and the clients would surely get the products for their requirements. To know more about the company one can visit the above mentioned website. 

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