June 01 19:36 2017

ALBANY, NEW YORK – 1 Jun, 2017 – Why Me was written by Gary Beers and made for Broadway.  Gary Beers’ play Why Me is an accessible, adaptable play that is not beyond anyone’s abilities. A performance by any company is sure to be successful. This play was created especially for all production types, both on and off Broadway. 

This playwright writes logically and beautifully, shifting between all tenses and voices to make a cohesive, fascinating story, an accomplishment not seen by another playwright. This play will attract worldwide fame, and will be the recipient of many global awards. Beers is set to become the world-renowned writer of all genres!  

According to Dr. Todd Reardings of the International Magna Theatre Consortium, Why Me? is “Flawless!” This play, inspired by one muse, was fully developed and written miraculously between Saturday, March 17, 1990 and finished Wednesday, May 10, 2017!  Per the playwright’s publisher, “It is the longest professional play script ever written. The 3 acts and 24 scenes last more than 20.54 hours!” The play is one triple-length play script. The play, the world’s longest professionally written play script, is a reflection of the eclectic American playwright who crafted it. According to Beers’ own description, this play is going to be a unique worldwide phenomenon.  He successfully wrote this masterpiece piece over more than 27 years, and only recently finished it.  Beers has now readied it for its debut production as a theatrical event. He alone has brought it to a true and lasting state of perfection! The publisher did not change any of the play’s contents, so that anyone who sees it now is seeing it exactly as the author always intended for it to be seen, read, and precisely performed.

The eccentric Gary Beers has his own eclectic writing style, in which he asserts his beautiful language and writing by using interchangeable perspectives and tenses, taking the reader on a journey never experienced before. He has said that the play script’s production will be done with great ease, as he has always had a clear idea of what his work should be. He can create, he says, “At will, whim, and or demand!”

Gary Beers, participating in a scheduled telephone interview with this reporting authority source on May 3, 2017, wrote the play—and communicates—from his very private residence in Athens, New York. He has a keen sense of who he is and an unwavering confidence in his writing abilities.

“Many greats in the writing profession have written works of all kinds, genres, and writing styles. Today, in the very large and active worldwide literary marketplace, all their works are still prominently on sale. As it stands right now, my published work presents itself as being the mother of all, heaven-only-knows theatrical play scripts.”

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It is Beers’ firm belief it is probably the greatest play or literary piece published since Shakespeare. The play’s performance was made possible by Gary Beers, so everyone who sees it will clearly see its beauty and message. As you read this play, you will come to know, without any doubts or reservations, the various communities of Yonkers, New York (the playwright’s birthplace) and the surrounding New York City tristate area. The location is just as integral to the story in Why Me? as the characters.

This play, as published, will forever be well-adapted to all types of performances. It took almost three decades before Beers could bring this long-awaited project to completion.  The final script is a true, everlasting, and unique play that could not have been written by any other playwright in the world. The play is the fruit of 27 years of toil by Beers, who was—and still is—determined to make the script and any productions or the play as perfect as he envisioned.

The play is suitable for ages 18 and older and can be performed professionally or On-Off Broadway so that the productions can be seen by thousands. As the ultimate manual (A Manifesto) for anyone who wants to stage a “contemporary, multimedia production,” each performance will leave its audience in awe and glad they came. There undoubtedly will be those in the audience who are spellbound. This first edition is the pinnacle of Beers’ very own hand-made theatrical perfection, as it is already considered to be remarkable by many of his fans all around the world!  These readers are mesmerized by Beers’ own “eclectic artistry.” 

It said here by all parties concerned that, “Gary Beers is now proving himself to officially be a global writer.” Todd Reardings says that Beers “…is now the best writer and editor of all time!”

This literary work by Gary Beers is being one sold for only $28.99. The e-Book is available now at the following stores [Among so many others]: Amazon, KOBO, ITunes, Barnes & Noble, and BOOKRIX.COM

Gary Beers stated that this play script will be coming into print by late Fall of 2018! Discover other great works by Gary Beers at BOOKRIX.COM

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