Jhonnatan Cano set to become the latest talent sensation in Hollywood

June 01 19:46 2017
Multitalented artist prepared to storm the entertainment industry with his unique performance style

The arts and entertainment industry play a significant role in the advanced of the human society. The performers including actors, dancers, etc. claim a big part of the credit. One Hollywood performer that stands out in the past few years is Jhonnatan Cano Guevara, a Colombian who is committed to his art. Jhonnatan discovered his talent as a child with the help of his grandmother, who encouraged him to attend dancing classes. He has performed in different school productions in dance, comedy, musicals and so on. Jhonnatan has taken part in big productions including his school’s production of “Mama Mia,” and an important role in a Hollywood film titled “Showdown.”

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“What I am today is because of my grandmother, Elba Ortiz, a lover of dancing and singing. She ensured I attended dance classes and gave me all the encouragement I needed to succeed. I have taken part in many productions, as a dancer and actor during school and after I left school. I am well equipped and experienced to move to the next level of my career and show the world a star has risen,” said Jhonnatan Cano Guevara.

At the end of his school studies, Jhonnatan continued his acting career, in which he had mentors such like El Flaco Solorzano, Ines Prieto, Patricia Polanco, Libardo Mejia and much more who are frequent on Colombian television today. He continued with dance and trained with international teachers like Gina Medina, Ivan Ovalle, Satori Rivera, among others.

“Jhonnatan is one of the best talents I have seen. The first time I watched him on stage, in school, I knew there is something special about him. He carried himself with confidence and power so much you can feel it in your soul. He is reaching for greater height. Hollywood should watch out for this son,” said James K, a friend, and colleague.

Right now, Jhonnatan is doing his best to work on a big Hollywood film, “SHOW DOWN.” The promotional video of the movie is now available, and his character is an ambitious talent agent looking for the best of Hollywood. He has also participated in theatrical productions such as “Anarchy Chiapas,” directed by Rick Mitchell, a New York director who has national recognition and “Polarity” directed by British actor and director Anthony Mark Barrow and among many more productions.

About Jhonnatan Cano Guevara

Jhonnatan Cano Guevara is a dancer, actor and performer who has made his mark in both Colombia and the United States. Over the years, he has performed in many productions in school and outside of school including some hollywood film productions.

For more information, please visit www.jhonnatancano.com

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