“Piano Princess” Shiran Wang, Makes the Appearance at New York Times Square

June 01 20:15 2017

On May 24 2017, Shiran Wang makes an amazing appearance at New York Times Square. The dazzling rising star to whom the music industry attaches great importance demonstrates the strength and charm of “Chinese pianist” in front of the world. This is the debut of “Piano Princess” Shiran Wang at New York Times Square, shining the international community.

“Piano Princess” Shiran Wang, as a rising and outstanding pianist, has cooperated with a number of internationally-famous orchestras, including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, and the Orchestra Symfonica di Rome, etc., to create numerous music feasts. She plays the piano at many world’s noted concert halls, such as the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Musikverein golden hall Vienna, the Berlin philharmonic hall. Her cooperation with Mischa Maisky, the famous cellist, even becomes a popular topic of conversation.

Dulcet sound of piano, exertion of talent

“Everyone born with talent.” Emerson, the American writer says. From her growth in childhood, it can be seen that since the birth, Shiran Wang cannot fall asleep without the piano music; at the age of 3, when she listens to the music in the TV once, she can use the toy piano to reproduce it without any guidance, and she is capable of transposition and has stunning talent to memorize the music score; she begins to compose music at age of 5. The inborn musical talent and acquired hard work allow her to soar in the world of music. In a learning environment full of music atmosphere, she engrosses herself in the music from childhood, thus gaining the fruits and finding unique self in piano and in music.

Choose a unique path, visit the best teachers

When she is child, to fulfill her music dream, the masters are often invited to her home, and Shiran Wang herself visits the best teachers across the world every year. Ultimately, by assimilating the strength of masters, she constitutes a unique playing style. Her music talent impresses every great master. Many well-known international music academies give the opportunities to Shiran Wang to study in their schools, but she declines. That’s because she wants to choose a path suitable for her. In 2010, Shiran Wang is recognized by William Crant Nabore, the dean of International piano academy lake como, and is admitted as the school student, with tuition waived.

Shiran Wang gladly agrees in that it is a special school where she only need to stay one week in school every month and has the chance to learn from different world’s most famous master. She receives the tutelage of Dmitri Bashkirov, Fou Ts’ong and William Grant Naboré and other masters. In 2009, she makes a special trip to Canada where she is taught by the Master Dang Thai Son up to now. We can see that, over the years, Shiran Wang grows rapidly by a unique way of learning. She toils in the world of music silently and constantly improve herself, finally being a rising star in the piano circle. Now she is scaling the peak of music world in her unique way.

Brilliant piano dream, successive masterpieces

In 2013, under the command of famous conductor Maxim Shostakovich, the son of Shostakovich, Shostakovich Piano Concerto No.1 & No.2 is recorded and published by SONY Corporation. Maxim Shostakovich makes a high evaluation of Shiran Wang’s performance and is deeply moved by her playing; in 2015, in cooperation with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, she records Bach Complete Piano Concertos (No. 1 – No.7), which is not common even in the international arena. The work is published by Deutsche Grammophon – Gesellschaft and wins wide acclaim of insiders; in 2016, she cooperates with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to record the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2 & No.3.

Awarded multiple laurels, crowned at home and abroad

Shiran Wang obtains a large number of awards. She has won numerous prizes at domestic and foreign piano matches. In 2005, she wins the first prize at the Fourth International Prokofiev Piano Competition in Ukraine, and score many prizes at the Seventh Arthur Rubinstein Youth Pianist competition in Poland in 2007 and the Fourth Rachmaninoff International Piano Competition held in Moscow in 2008. After 2010, she signs the contract with the Austrian and Italian artist agencies successively. Since then, invitation to give performance is continuous, and she no longer participates in international competition.

She gets favorable comments from the American and European media. Max Wilcox, once the recording producer of RCA record company Rubinstein, says “Shiran Wang will be the next Rubinstein.” Herald Journal comments: “It is believed that in the near future she will become a shining star in the world of music.” Audience, the New Zealand magazine, also thinks highly of her: “Her music is not fake, but natural and penetrating able to touch your soul and making the listeners cannot control their feelings.” Frederic Rzewski, the famous American composer, says affectionately: “Listening to her concert, your ears will be surrounded by her music for a long time like a magic.”

“Piano Princess” Shiran Wang, with beauty and talent, plays the sincere music and makes the music score alive through passion and understanding of music. Thus, every moment she plays the piano will be classic.

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