Airwheel C8 Intelligent Motor Helmet, a Multifunctional Tool for Car or Motorcycle Racing

June 01 20:21 2017
The advent of Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet has indicated that Airwheel entered into protection equipment, but it is designed for all people in daily life. The recently-published Airwheel C8 full face helmet aims at a certain consumer group, which is for people who love car or motorcycle racing. It makes racing safe and exciting.

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At present, there are three types of helmets under Airwheel, including C5 Bluetooth helmet, C6 motorcycle helmet and C8 full face helmet. However, they have different consumer groups. When it comes to C8, it is designed for car or motorcycle racing. For one thing, it offers great protection to racing drivers. For another thing, it owns rich functions that make racing exciting and enjoyable.

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In the very first place, Airwheel C8 racing helmet is a powerful safeguard. It is made from strong and high-quality plastic ABS, which enjoys such features as high impact strength, good abrasion resistance and stability, and excellent electrical performance. In order to ensure high performance, C8 has been through some destructive tests, like high impact and temperature. The interior of C8 is lined with a layer of ventilated and soft material, which gives the best protection and the most comfortable wearing experience to head. The adopted one-time moulding technique offers C8 smooth and beautiful line.

Airwheel C8 Intelligent Motor Helmet 

Besides protection function, Airwheel C8 racing helmet is fulfilling some recreational functions. Airwheel introduces shooting function to C8. The equipped precise and exquisite lens ensures high-definition imaging function. Meanwhile, the shooting operation is quite easy. When racing drivers want to take pictures or videos, they just need to slightly click the shooting button on C8. Every vivid moment in the racing can be preserved heartily.

Airwheel C8 racing helmet 

Additionally, C8 also has the function of playing music. The equipped high-end Bluetooth speaker enables racing drivers to enjoy music and hear the external sound at the same time. Then, they can deal with emergencies at any time. Moreover, the Bluetooth paves the way to answer the phone without hands. A small button on the left part of C8 realizes one key to answer the phone.

All in all, for all of racing enthusiasts, Airwheel C8 helmet is an indispensable and multifunctional tool. 

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