Samantha Harris Launches Hair Website Covering Hair Care Tips

June 01 20:57 2017

New York, United States – As a woman, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s waking up in the morning with frizzydried out hair or trying to find that absolute perfect straighter, hair is something everyone battles with from time to time.

From straight-as-board to curly locks, it’s difficult to find products and tools that are right for certain types of hair. Luckily, a new blogging site is here to the rescue for all hair types alike.  

Satin Hair is a blogging site that was introduced to the web after the creator, Samantha Harris, fought with long, frizzy hair problemson-and-off for years. When her cousin introduced her to a product she swore by, a satin pillow case, Harris was inspired to create a platform for girls to connect and share tips for better haircare and health advice.

The idea of Satin Hair is it’swritten by real women who are providing guidance by giving reviews of their firsthand experience with hair tools and products. From hair dryers to flat irons, Satin Hair gives reviews on all hair products that they believe will leave girls satisfied with great hair results. All evaluations of products are 100% honest. The team at Satin Hair also loves to hear from their readers and encourages others to get involved with the conversation at hand.

The blog writes articles on allup-to-date trendy hair topics. If a person is looking for the best curling wands for thick hair, they’vewritten a piece on it. If someone is searchingfor tips and tricks to clean a flat iron? Well, Satin Hair is here to give everyone their personal recommendations sure to leave them withhealthy and strong hair.

Satin Hair is a great blog for those who are new or are looking to get more elaboratewith their hair care. Even those who have had loads of practice with experimenting with their hair can benefit from Satin Hair if they wantto discover or weigh in on what is fresh and trendy on the market today.

Whether a girl has struggled with her hair personally for years or is looking for a forum to chat with others about the tussles with different products, Satin Hair is a must read blog for all hair guidance and direction.

Chances are the writers at Satin Hair have had the exact haircare questions as those at home searching through the internet right now.

Go to for questions, reviews, or topic ideas.

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