Offers Unveiled Plating Tips for Plastic Injection Molding Parts

June 01 21:29 2017, a leading plastic injection mold manufacturer that also manufactures industrial OEM applications, recently doled out expert tips for plating for plastic injection molding parts., a China based plastic injection mold manufacturer and an industry leader recently unveiled some of the best-kept industry secrets and tips for plating during the plastic injection molding. The owners of, or Sositar Mould co., Ltd, said that the tips would help their subscribers and patrons to save time and resources.

During a trade fair held in Shenzhen, Kimin Wang, a senior executive told that users should also avoid chrome during molding with PVC. Kimin said that chloride is usually used to strip chrome off steel and the chrome may liquefy gradually as it comes in contact with the gases emitted from chloride inside the PVC. Kimin also added that if someone is using molding applications that require mold temperature at or above 550 degree Fahrenheit might cause the PTFE. In these cases, the users should switch to chrome or nickel, Kimin maintained.

“Using different combinations of plating in different situations perfectly makes sense. We recommend manufacturers to use more than one plating material as it renders them the maximum efficiency. For example, if someone requires optimal corrosion protection and abrasion protection, he can go for a base layer of electroless nickel and top it off with a layer of hard chrome”, said Kimin.

“Technology now enables us to effectively strip off even remotest areas of a plastic injection mold. Selective plating is the best way to correct sizes of ring-neck threads. Hard chrome is perfect for abrasion protection and electroless nickel and PTFE is good for corrosion protection. We always use sulfur-cured materials at our plant”, said Kimin while doling out their injection mold planting tips. Kimin also said that knowing what kind of steel grade or plastic mold is required helps a lot., or Sositar Mould Co., Limited, has been manufacturing plastic molds for disparate industry segments, including automotive, medical equipment, home appliances, electronics and many other types of applications since 1998. The Shenzhen based company now has its own workshop and serves companies in and outside China.

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