Sprachschule Nihao Brings Learn Chinese Zurich Opportunities for Swiss People with Their Food Talk & Tea Course

June 02 00:29 2017
Food Talk and Tea Course are an interesting way to develop interests in the Chinese language and start learning simple Chinese through friendly conversations.

An informal setting to learn a foreign language could be more encouraging and interesting for students. Zurich based Sprachschule Nihao designs food talks and tea courses where students will be able to taste different Chinese delicacies and will also learn the Chinese language.

According to the spokesperson of the Chinese learning school in Zurich, the food talk allows students to learn more about the Chinese culture. One can enjoy tasting Chinese food and can also participate in the Chinese language course Zurich. Students can learn cooking different Chinese food items and can also practice Chinese. They organize food talks in small groups of 6-10 participants and charge an affordable fee from students. The food talk is held first Friday every month where students can reach to satiate their taste buds and can also learn to speak Chinese language.

Sprachschule Nihao Brings Learn Chinese Zurich Opportunities for Swiss People with Their Food Talk & Tea Course

Like the food talk, the tea course is also an interesting way to learn Chinese. The tea courses are organized either in English or Chinese and it could be an interesting and friendly way of Chinese learning Zurich. Tea has been an important part of the Chinese tradition for ages, and tea courses will bring Swiss people closer to the Chinese tradition. Students will be able to taste different types of teas during the course. Teachers will share information about the origin of the teas and will start introducing simple Chinese words and sentences to the students. The tea course is organized every second Friday of the month and a reasonable fee is charged from each student.

The spokesperson reveals that they offer simple, flexible and affordable Chinese learning lessons to the students. For foreigners, they have different learn Chinese Zurich programs, including video lessons. They can conduct Chinese learning sessions at home, office or other locations in Zurich, Uster, Baar, Zug and other places. The teaching time can be flexible and can accommodate a small number of students in the group.

To learn more about different Chinese learning courses, their costs and locations, one can visit the website: http://www.sprachschule-nihao.ch

About Sprachschule Nihao

Sprachschule Nihao offers Chinesisch sprachkurs in Zurich, Zug, Uster, and Luzern areas.  They allow people to learn Chinese with an experienced teacher to help save time and energy. The classes are conducted in small groups in their school and also at the client’s locations.  They now have included interactive videos for people to learn Chinese online.

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