Are You Racist? Zeeba App Reveals Racism or Sexism in 60 Seconds

June 02 00:36 2017

LOS ANGELES, CA – 1 Jun, 2017 – A new social entertainment and research application called Zeeba was released on May 31, 2017 in the Android Play Store and in the iOS App Store. The app is designed to quickly and efficiently research fan favorites in the areas such as entertainment and sports by allowing users to answer quick questions called “zeebs.” For added interest, it can also measure users’ levels of racism or sexism on a scale from low to extreme.

“Zeebs” are designed to be answered quickly to prevent users from over-analyzing their responses. Each zeeb must be answered within three seconds. Slow responses will cause the questions to end abruptly so that they need to be restarted. The fast response time allows the app to gather information quickly, within just 60 seconds. Users can then easily share their results with others for comparison.

In addition to these fun features, Zeeba provides a convenient data-gathering service that allows  individuals and businesses to sponsor their own “zeebs”. Users can choose to conduct a single, one-question “zeeb” (“Do you prefer plastic or plastic?”) or a full, multiple-question “zeeb” (“Which local restaurant has the best burgers? Which one has the best Italian food?” etc.). Prices for a sponsorship vary depending on the number of days on Zeeba.

A unique survey measuring levels of racism or sexism can also be completed just for fun.

The Zeeba app is free. However, it is possible to purchase a paid version for $0.99 to avoid in-app advertising.

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Company Name: Zeeba
Contact Person: Berry Lamy
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