In ‘Visca Catalunya’ by Girona City Boy, Catalonia Hopes for New Future

June 02 00:56 2017

Catalonia, Spain – A new voice is shaking the conscience of Spain with a message of freedom. The autonomous community of Catalonia has a unique history and culture, and its demand for a free state is the theme of a new song and video, ‘Visca Catalunya’, commissioned by upcoming renaissance man, Girona City Boy.

Over a million people gather every September 11 in Catalonia to mark Catalunya Day. The Catalans speak their unique language, and have asked for the right to hold a referendum to decide their future. ‘Visca Catalunya’, which means ‘Long Live Catalonia’, carries this historical  message to be free in a soft but resonant, pop-rock composition.

The region of Catalunya is located in north east Spain, and the people speak both Spanish and Catalan. The turning point in their history came in 1714 after the siege of Barcelona, which put an end to Catalonia as an independent political entity. The period of absolutism that followed saw suppression of Catalunya’s legislative and independent institutions in favor of Castilian ones. The event is now observed as the National Day of Catalonia (Diada Nacional de Catalunya, in Catalan).

Released on March 19, 2017, ‘Visca Catalunya’ brings out the anguish of Catalans who feel repressed by the Madrid government. It is the voice of those who don’t see themselves as Spanish. Staying away from a rebellious tone, the song captures the feelings of many voices ignored for too long, and demands the right of the people to hold a referendum.

Girona City Boy is a legend in his own mind, with musical influences including the Osmonds, the Buzzcocks, Blondie, Wham & Oasis. Born in the last century, he began life in the insurance industry, which eventually decided it didn’t need him. Girona City Boy then moved onto more exciting things, such as working abroad and becoming a mountain biking celebrity. He’s now ready to take on Lady Gaga for world domination!

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