Private Entrepreneurs in ShenZhen call for new economy in a new economy forum In United Nations Headquarters

June 02 17:22 2017

(Chen Zongjian, who is president of Porter Group Limited in ShenZhen, spoke at the UN’s new economy summit)

By This Network: Under the current situation that there is still a series of uncertain factors in global economic development, private enterprises, which are growing gradually into international businesses, begin to make their voice heard to the world with a sense of conscious responsibility.

In May 23 to 24, A summit titled “communication between a global united nations and a series of summit and global new economy summit forum” took place successfully in In United Nations Headquarters. The aim is to build cooperative partnership between the governments and the enterprises and promote united nation’s Sustainable development goals by member states. It attracted a group of China private enterprises with International Perspective. Chen Zongjian, who is the chief designer for the summit and president of Porter Group Limited, appealed to all countries all over the world to attach great importance to the fact that global economy has been in its best time to develop and all countries should actively embrace and promote the development of the new economy from the perspective of ideology, policy, economic, financial and industrial development.

(The scene of new global economy summit in United Nations Headquarters)

According to the person in charge from the sposor, Mr. Chen Zongjian reviewed that during former U.S. President Clinton’s administration, the U.S. economy went through a record high growth and long-term prosperity and it was a period of high growth rate, low inflation and low unemployment rate. Mr Stephen Shepard, who is editor of America’s “business weekly”, made the first response in his article titled “triumph of new economy” that the United States has entered a new economy era”.

Mr Chen Zongjian’s student argue that China’s rapid economic development over the past thirty years is based on the high industrialization and urbanization of China’s economy. In current days when China’s economy has been in a new normal situation, the so-called enterprise transformation and upgrading means to vigorously develop the new economy and to reform the traditional economy using as many new economy research results as possible. As to how to upgrade the traditional development model in the new economic era, he expounded the following three points in his speech:

First, Transformation and upgrading of the economic system should be adopted to change the renewal and growth pattern of economic structure. Only through upgrading of economic structure and replacing of pillar industry can a country’s traditional economy achieve its aim of fundamental transformation from quantity to quality and from being weak to being strong.

Therefore, Mr. Chen Zongjian advocated vigorously development of information, technology, Internet, networking and satellite Internet industry; Integration of entity industry and the Internet industry should be achieved to develop Internet plus economy; Combination of financial industry and big data should be developed vigorously to achieve encrypted digital finance which is adapted to the modern society”. Formation of new economic development, new power, new markets, new brands, new management and new value space should be achieved through business model, development model, management model and market model which are gradually changing the traditional economy. Mr Chen Zongjian believes that changes in related fields will lead to global changes which will bring about changes in distribution of the industrial chain, the development of circulation channels as well as the upgrading of consumption patterns. Therefore, only through constant reform, transformation, updating and upgrading can economy adjust itself to the new economic development and then promote new economic growth.”

Secondly, only through vigorous developing of “big financial data” can economy be effectively supported in its transformation, upgrading and sustainable development for primary secondary and tertiary industries.

Chen Zongjian believes that the big data financial model will be the most direct and the best transition mode in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Traditional industries can speed up its development if it will be aided by Internet or Internet of things information and big data finance will make essential leap and upgrading for traditional industries.

At the base of Chen Zongjian’s long-term study, he put forward a theory to realize publization, credibility and securitization of enterprises and their social assets through comprehensive integration of real estate industry, commercial chain, e-commerce and financial capital and realize interconnected development, markets, resources, trade, economy and finance among enterprises around the globe.

Third, the new economy model of Internet based public platform and shared economy will play an important role in sustainable technological progress and innovation.

The new economy model of public platform and shared economy is not only a theoretical point of view of Chen Zongjian, but also a practice of Porter Group Limited who is distributing and developing its “Potter city, headquarter for modern service industry” project which will cover 5 million square meters in strategic node cities along The Belt and Road. The project will enable 100 thousand manufacturing enterprises to register and carry out their business for free. The core of operation is to provide one-stop public service platform which aims at exploring global business opportunities to all registered enterprises with the help of O2O industrial cluster big data financial analysis.

Chen Zongjian pointed out that the project of a combination of Internet, entity enterprise and finance is a comprehensive application of means of internet informatization. He said that Porter Group Limited aims at operating entity business in Potter city to achieve mutual benefit and income sharing through financial service and financial settlement. Chen Zongjian stressed that this completely free service mode is a true sense of new economy mode of public platform and shared economy. “It will build a global win-win public platform for enterprises around the globe to cooperate and share and the designing philosophy is in accordance with sustainable development plans of the United Nations.”

As joint chairman for the summit, Chen Zongjian hoped that more enterprises all over the world attach importance to the period of strategic opportunities for the development of new economy and take the initiative to participate in global cooperation along The Belt and Road to contribute to the development of the new economy for all countries and regions all over the world.

(Mr Chen Zongjian ,who is founder of Porter Group Limited, became the focus in this global economy summit in United Nations Headquarters )

As a devoted private entrepreneurs to promote transformation and upgrading for China’s traditional industries, Chen Zongjian’s appeal in new economy seminars in global economy summit in United Nations Headquarters focused more on the acceleration of global economic development, effective measures to deal with the problem of regional backwardness and poverty promotion of world peace in a broader sense. The appeal fully reflected the improvement of Chinese Entrepreneur’s sense of social responsibility, which is a full display that private enterprises’ in China becomes more mature and competitive internationally.

(Reported by Huang XueMin)

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