Make A New Start In Life With Airwheel R6 Smart E-Bike Or H3 Electric Wheelchair

June 04 15:11 2017
Life can be different and renewed with Airwheel with its unique operating system, body materials and excellent tire. These features make the Airwheel second to none in the sector, say the new arrivals—R6 intelligent electric bike and H3 electric folding wheelchair.

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Nowadays, people all choose car, motorcycle, subway, bus or bicycle as the means of transport. As a new trend in the market, Airwheel mars rover offers much possibility to make people’s life different and interesting. This can be clarified in the following aspects.

assist electric bike

First, its operating system is totally different from that of the traditional vehicles. It only takes several minutes for green hands to master the riding skills, which manifests great convenience. This unique user experience subverts the tradition and renews the life. Its new product Airwheel R6 is equipped with 14-inch tire, which is strong and safe in riding experience. The premium tire featuring unique design of wheel grain, excellent anti-slippery and grip ability makes outstanding riding experience. R6 pedal assist electric bike can run freely on different road conditions such as mud, desert or rugged roads, etc. It integrates the advantages and avoids the disadvantages of homogeneous materials.

folding electric wheelchair

R6 is well known for its automatic folding system, just pressing one button to extend or contract automatically. Like R6, H3 as a smart wheelchair also installs the automatic folding system to making the travel more convenient. Also, there is a controller to control H3 to go forward, backward, and turn left and right, and to accelerate, decelerate and brake, which is very easy to manipulate.

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If life is compared to a dish, everyone is like a chef and can add different seasonings to make the dishes taste unique and delicious. Some people are really good at cooking dishes while others just make plain and poor food. What makes the life wonderful and different? The answer is the heart to pursue adventure and change, which is like the seasoning added to the dish. Airwheel R6 and H3 folding electric wheelchair can renew the life with its uniqueness and high quality. Anyone can enjoy the technological advancement, of course the disabled included. 

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