First Lateral Thigh Perforator Composite Stack Flap Breast Restoration Surgery in Arizona

June 05 20:15 2017

Phoenix, AZ – The lateral thigh perforator composite stack flap breast restoration surgery is the first of its kind being done in the Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona area. The procedure is done by Aesthetic and Restoratice Breast Center located in Phoenix, AZ. This procedure is done for patients who do not have enough fat mass tissue to be taken from their abdomen and inner thigh area. As such, material for reconstructive breast surgery is taken from the lateral thigh area instead of through the lateral thigh perforator (LTP) method.

The lateral thigh perforator composite stack flap breast restoration surgery would be performed by Dr. Tim Matatov at the Aesthetic and Restorative Breast Center located in Phoenix, Arizona. He says, “With this method, material from the lateral thigh area is taken for reconstructive breast surgery. And an advantage of this procedure is that patients who would undergo this would have a much better contour on their legs since the material would be taken from there, this would be in addition to having breast reconstruction done as well.”

People who undergo breast reconstruction are usually those who have breast cancer and have had their breast removed. It can also be for people who might want to add more size to their breasts. The procedure can last anywhere from four to seven hours. Recovery is monitored by nurses trained to see the patient back to health. Monitoring after surgery can be up to 24 hours. Full recovery from the procedure can be from four to six weeks. Patients are required to have a follow-up appointment after surgery to ensure there are no complications or side effects following the surgery. The follow-up is done a week after the procedure.

Aesthetic/Restorative Breast Center is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The center has surgeons Dr. Tim Matatov and Dr. Rozbeh Torabi who are assisted by a capable and licensed staff that includes trained nurses. Aesthetic and Restorative Breast Center has services for breast surgery which include breast lifts, breast reductions, contralateral breast augmentation, and other services connected to breast reconstruction and surgery. Procedures are done in one of the local hospitals in the area or accredited surgery centers. Read more about the center.

For reconstructive breast surgery needs, Aesthetic and Restorative Breast Center is located at 10910 N Tatum Blvd. #B100, Phoenix AZ. The center’s phone numbers is 602-517-0701.

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