Fitensity Decides the Best Spin Bikes of 2017

June 06 04:08 2017

Mumbai, India – Finding the best spin bikes for individual needs and requirements can be difficult. Many options exist over a wide budget, each with unique dimensions and weights. Some high-end options feature magnets to reduce resistance with wireless Bluetooth connectivity; others skip the fancy gimmicks to deliver a simple exercise experience. Some are intended to mimic the authentic bike riding experience, while some focus on providing the design and movement unique to spinning. What might seem like a simple decision becomes meticulous and confusing. To make the decision a bit easier, Fitensity has released their 2017 compilation of the best stationary bikes for any budget.

Consumers have relied on the thorough and honest Fitensity for exercise machine reviews for years, and their spin bike reviews are no different. And the list couldn’t have come at a better time; what started as a fitness fad in the 1980’s has grown into a gym staple. Spinning is cherished for working muscles that cardio can’t ordinarily reach, and with its low-impact and high-reward design, spinning has turned from a fad into a lifestyle. A strong and supportive community has grown around the exercise routine, with many casual participants turned into self-described devotees to the practice. When spinning becomes a lifestyle, investing in an at-home bike can doubly boost exercise time and results. An at-home bike could also be incredibly beneficial for anyone who doesn’t have time for the gym or room for a large exercise machine; with slim designs, these bikes usually don’t take up much space. Fitensity is dedicated to helping spin fanatics and newbies alike find the right bike for them.

Fitensity’s review for the greatest spin bikes of 2017 comes with a helpful guide on finding the best suited stationary bike for an individual’s specifications and needs. They offer spin guides based on the fit and adjustability of a bike, the types of resistance, the dimensions, and the feel of the spinning experience. Fitensity does all the hard work, testing out hundreds of designs in their lab, curating careful and thorough reviews to find the best options for various needs and budgets. Their reviews are completely honest, leading to a fantastic guide for choosing the best at-home bike.

Fitensity’s spin bike guide fits perfectly amongst their expertly researched and formatted reviews for rowing, elliptical, and leg press machines. Check out which models were selected as the best spin bikes ( for 2017.

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