High School Student Announces Launch of Kickstarter to Bring to Market Tactical Lites – Work and Tactical Gloves with LED Lights Reinvented to Save Seconds and Lives

June 06 06:08 2017
The tactical glove is a vital part of many professional’s gear, something they absolutely couldn’t do without. High School entrepreneur Cade Cassidy has taken premium tactical and work gloves to the next level by adding premium removable lights greatly enhancing their functionality. A Kickstarter was recently launched to bring the Tactical Lites to the market.

Hartsville, SC – No smart military member, law enforcement agent, EMT, Private Contractor, security professional or worker in a long list of trades wants to go without a pair of premium quality tactical work gloves on the job,  Entrepreneur and devoted expert on all things tactical Cade Cassidy, remarkably still a high school student, was quick to realize while there are many great products on the market, they all are missing something which seems like a quite obvious way to increase their value and functionality in extreme and not so extreme situations of all kinds – being able to supply high quality illumination. 

This led to long research and development with professionals from all of these fields to come up with the Cade Cassidy’s new Tactical Lites – a rugged, premium quality glove with removable LED lights that can provide just the right amount of life to help in a long list of potentially vital situations.  The young entrepreneur recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring the first run of the Tactical Lites gloves to consumers.  The early response has been wildly enthusiastic.


“I’m not ashamed to admit I am near obsessed with developing superior tactical gear to help our heroes who protect our nation and our workers who build our country be able to perform more efficiently and more safely,”  commented Cassidy, founder of the company.  “We knew this was a need that had to be met and made sure we sourced top of the line materials to make it happen.  With us it is always quality over quantity.”

According to the company, six versions will launch initially covering both the tactical and worker communities.  Utmost care has been put into selecting the LED lighting system which feature three forms of removable LED lights, with each appropriate for different common situations professionals face.

Special features of the lights include: multicolor LED functions; USB charging; and completely IP44 weatherproof design, making them valuable even in very harsh weather conditions.

This same attention to detail was paid to the glove manufacture and design itself, which are rugged and can be counted on in even the harshest of situations.  Each are touchscreen enabled for quick and easy use, with a Velcro pocket for storing essentials; are completely form fitting and comfortable like a second skin and both reinforced and padded where needed.  The grip was designed to be extra secure and the gloves are both breathable and zero crunching to make them as comfortable as possible.  Many tactical professionals in the past have left tactical gloves behind for being bulky and annoying to wear, so this was a vital design feature Tactical Lights made a top priority to address.  After all if no one wears the gloves, because they are a nuisance, they are near completely worthless.

Special perks have been established with the Kickstarter campaign, which begins on June 7, 2017 allowing interested parties to donate and receive the first run of Tactical Lites gloves at a significant discount as a thank you for supporting their campaign.

For more information, be sure to visit the Tactical Lites Kickstarter campaign page at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/998050464/2077984218?token=6939d28d

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