Introducing Dcaze, The Space Saving Soft over-ear Headphone bag for Travelers

June 06 06:15 2017
These days, headphones can be quite expensive; thus, they deserve protection, especially while traveling with them. Here to provide just that is a brand named Dcaze with an innovative take on the headphone bag.

In the pop culture of the modern world, music has become so much more than just a bit of auditory stimulation. Music is a method of self-expression, stress-reduction, and so much more. For this reason, the demand for better and better headphones has been consistent and with that demand comes an equally consistent increase in sound quality and expense. However, one aspect of the over-the-ear headphone experience has lagged behind: protection. People walk around and travel with headphones that cost upwards of two hundred dollars, yet these headphones are still rather fragile devices that cannot withstand being thrown around in a backpack. Thus, it is only logical that an innovative, sleek, and protective over-the-ear headphone bag be crafted to keep these precious objects safe. Today a brand by the name of Dcaze is here with just that. 

Apart from protection, the primary feature of a Dcaze headphone bag is the convenience that comes with one. All Dcaze bags allow users to easily stow and retrieve their headphones. To stow a pair of over-the-ear headphone simply rotate the earpieces inwards if they can rotate, slip the headphones into the Dcaze protective bag, roll up the excess space in the bag, and fasten the buckle to securely close the bag. Thanks to this bag-and-roll method, the Dcaze is able to easily hold all travel size headphones such as popular Bose QC35 and Sony MDR 1000X without wasting any space as a hard shell bag would. In turn, Dcaze headphone bags are able to easily fit in slim compartments and pockets. Additionally, the bag comes with several methods of attachment that can be used to hang the bag from a plethora of standard hooks. It can even be held from a belt if need be!

As an added benefit, the Dcaze headphone bag comes with a small pocket to keep wires, chargers, and other accessories, adding to the bag’s capacity. The Dcaze team already has ten years of production experience in working with other products, but in order to mass produce the Dcaze headphone bag a bit of initial funding is required. To remedy this issue, the Dcaze team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through this campaign, early supporters can receive the Dcaze headphone bag for a discount while supplies last. With this support, the Dcaze team hopes to protect countless headphones from travel tragedies and other accidents.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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