Prince Dykes “The Investor Show” Covers 2017 Berkshire Hathaway Meeting

June 06 12:36 2017

Omaha, Nebraska – The annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting is a magnet for nascent and veteran investors from across the US and from all around the world. The Investor show managed to become the first independent outlet approved by Berkshire Hathaway to cover their annual meeting, which takes place in Omaha, NE. The Investor Show, hosted/founded by Mr. Prince Dykes, MBA, IAR, SA, Executive Produced by Chadrick Davis and Music Production by Byron J.

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The Investor Show secured exclusive footage from the meeting, which feature business icons. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Dairy Queen CEO John Gainor, Hedge Fund Manger Whitney Tilson, Miami Dolphins star Ndamukong Suh, NBA Champ/LA Laker Metta World Peace, 3x NFL All Pro Running Back Steven Jackson, Jacksonville Jaguars Calais Campbell, Gorats Steakhouse owner Gene Dunn, social media star Tai Lopez, numerous Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, and many more prominent individuals.

Known for his hallmark interview style, Mr. Dykes scored candid quips from his interviewees, while pounced on the opportunity to mingle with event attendees, who enjoyed complimentary drinks and swung to the sounds of live music, and quiz them about the reasons that drew them to Berkyville, as the meeting’s venue is dubbed.

In one particularly amusing scene, Mr. Bill Gates is seen playing a round of table tennis with Mr. Warren Buffet, while, aiming to unveil details of the friendship between two of the world’s most famous billionaire businessmen, Mr. Dykes chatted with Mr. Gene Dun, owner of Gorats Steakhouse, Mr. Buffet’s favorite steakhouse in Omaha that he visits weekly. Mr. Dunn shared a delightful story about one of the many times the pair of friends have dined at his restaurant, while Mr. Dykes enjoyed a juicy whiskey rib eye steak dish, which he described as “amazing”.

Mr. Dykes is a military vateran, three-time award winning children finance author; founder of the Royal Financial Investment Group; angel investor in DeWalt Brewing Company and The Global Gallery, and creator of the world’s first venture capitalist app, “IABOH. In addition to finance-related vlogs, Mr. Dykes hosts The Investor Show podcast, and has penned Wеѕlеу Lеаrnѕ tо Invеѕt, the world’s first investment book written for children.

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