Cardology Conference 2017 is Announced For Vegas in October

June 06 13:11 2017
Cardologers from all around the world will gather inside a pyramid in the middle of the desert like the mystics did thousands of years ago to explore cardology, the ancient mystical science of playing cards

Las Vegas, NV, USA – June 6, 2017 – The International Association of Cardology (IAC) has announced its first annual event, Cardology Conference 2017, will take place at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference will take place from October 11 to 14, 2017. The theme for this year’s Cardology Conference is ‘Living the Magic of Transformation’ and its speakers will show attendees how to use Cardology, the ancient mystical science of playing cards, to transform their lives and how to find their personal destiny. Some of the leading authors and top experts of Cardology will be present and registration for this conference is now open online.

“We invite everyone who truly wants to discover the magic and destiny for their life to join us in Vegas this October for Cardology Conference 2017,” said the IAC spokesperson while announcing the conference. “We have 16 authors, experts, transformational teachers, speakers and entertainers to show attendees how to live a magical life, one filled with love and success, by playing the high side of the cards they were dealt the day they were born.”

Cardology blends the very basics Astrology and Numerology and yet is much more accurate. This simple, fractal system is based on the date of our birth and provides the what, who, when, where, how, and why of our lives. Playing cards are actually a calendar and contain a hidden code, much like DNA, that reveals the details of our lives down to what we experience every day.

The word ‘Cardology’ does sound a lot like ‘Cardiology’. Conference organizers joke that no, we don’t surgically repair hearts, but we do help people understand and heal their hearts. According to the IAC, experts are referred to as ‘Cardologers’ instead of ‘Cardologists’ to help avoid confusion with ‘cardiologists’ (heart doctors). Ironically, die-hard Cardology enthusiasts call themselves ‘Cardiacs’.

The selection of the Luxor Hotel for this 4-day conference compliments the rich heritage and history of Cardology itself. The origins of this mystical science date back to ancient Egypt and according to some, Atlantis. With Luxor’s pyramid-like structure, there isn’t a more suitable venue in the USA to host this event. Since Las Vegas is built around playing cards, and sits in the heart of a desert, it is the ideal location for their international gathering.

Attendees of Cardology Conference 2017 will learn personal and professional applications, interpretations, and discover the latest books, and expert theories about Cardology. Registration is available online and destined to sell out quickly. Keynote speakers include Sharon Jeffers, Las Vegas’ own Reverend Thabiti, members of the International Association of Cardology, and other Cardology experts. Moreover, Gina E. Jones, Founder of International Association of Cardology and Cardology Community: The Official International Forum for Cardology, will also be present to speak.

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