BioPet Laboratories takes next step to protect pets, and the environment, from un-scooped pet waste

June 06 13:15 2017

KNOXVILLE, TN – 6 Jun, 2017 – BioPet Laboratories is introducing a new program that will serve as a globally recognizable brand for pet friendly locations – while also taking steps to protect pet’s well-being and educate the public on the harmful effects of dog waste.

The new program, Travel Dog, allows pet owners to register their pets using a simple DNA sample. Pet owners will receive a Travel Dog Tag and access to BioPet’s DNA World Pet Registry™, allowing them to keep track of their pet’s digital footprint.

Travel Dog will serve as a globally recognizable brand that represents responsible pet ownership and concern for the environment – while also allowing parks, restaurants, and other businesses to display to customers that they are a pet friendly location. Cities can also benefit by using Travel Dog and BioPet’s DNA World Pet Registry™ as an infrastructure for their dog registration system. Hotels and travelers will also reap the benefits with destinations recognizing Travel Dog members as responsible pet owners – ultimately allowing more pets to be welcomed as travel companions.

With environmental concerns about the effects of pet waste continuing to rise, Travel Dog could not be released at a more crucial time – a recent University of Minnesota study found that pet waste was the third largest pollutant of the Mississippi River, and one of the most famous dog parks in the country, located in Colorado, Evergreen Park, was permanently shut down due to pet safety and environmental challenges arising from dog owners not properly disposing of pet waste.

BioPet has already taken steps to reduce the problem of left behind dog waste with their flagship product, PooPrints. With almost a quarter of a million dogs registered, the product that was launched by the company in 2008 addresses the issue in over 2,500 apartment complexes and multiple boroughs in London by holding residents accountable for picking up after their pets on property grounds. BioPet anticipates that Travel Dog will have the same positive impact as PooPrints but on a much larger scale.

Travel Dog is a voluntary program that showcases responsible pet ownership and concern for the environment. However, as people continue to travel with their pets and dog waste continues to become more problematic worldwide, BioPet predicts Travel Dog can help solve these problems for cities, beaches, parks, hotels and other pet friendly attractions.

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